A Review of The Babymel Georgi Eco Backpack

Product: Babymel Georgi Eco Convertable back pack

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Size: 44 X 34 x 10cm

Guarantee: None

My Rating: 9/10 Highly recommended!

Babymel Georgi eco Friendly Convertable Backpack 

I went in search of an eco alternative to the baby change bag. I wanted to find one that not only served it’s purpose as a baby changing bag, but also one that would do it  naturally and organically. Well this company go one better and use waste to create it.

Made from recycled bottles, this convertible changing bag helps save the planet as well as change nappies. This stylish bag wouldn’t look out of place with many designer or high end bags, other than you may spot a baby bottle in one of its many really useful pockets.

Being lightweight and packed full of features, the Georgi eco has a really modern unisex look with a choice of three colours and designs, and is therefore perfect for everyday use and for any parent, grandparet or carer to grab and go with baby.


  • Made from recycled bottles
  • Comes with a padded changing mat, that can be machine washed
  • Insulated bottle pocket, which keeps fluids warm or cool for up to four hours
  • Wipe clean lining throughout
  • Water resistant outer material
  • Multiway strap with shoulder pad
  • Integrated stroller straps, allowing you to attach this backpack to your pushchair or pram
  • Easy-wipes side pocket with laminated velcro flap to allow easy access, dispensing of your wipes. The velcro flap stops wipes from drying and helps wipes to easily be pulled through on the go.
  • Lightweight
  • Unisex design and look
  • Wide opening with secure double zip closure
  • Seven internal pockets and external pockets for all your essentials
  • Discrete pocket on the back panel for added to security

When I was out and about with my two, everything felt big and bulky. It was like going on a mini break, just to go for a walk or to the supermarket. But this backpack is the perfect size, that is like a tardis, it fits so much in it, with room for nappies, snacks, teddies and toys, pretty much everything you could need for a day out with your baby.

It also has a brilliant design of a wipe/tissue pocket on the side for really easy access on the go. I mean how many times do us parents have to reach for wipes and tissues when out with baby or children. So instead of rummaging and opening up a bag, this one allows you to quickly and easily lift a flap and access a wipe.

Another design feature that I absolutely loved was the straps of this bag. They allow you to carry this bag in multiple ways to suit your needs and the ocassion. It can be carried as a traditional backpack, leaving you with both hands free to carry, cuddle and tend to your baby.

Or it can be carried and worn as a cross over, or as a carry bag (using the top two smaller handles. This bag even has integrated stroller straps allowing it to be attached to your pushchair or pram! Reviewers absolutely loved how ‘useful’ this multiway strap feature was.

With its multiple, convertable nature, the Babymel Georgi Eco can therefore be used way beyond the baby years. This backpack would see any parent through all the years with their children. My daughter even said she would love one as her school bag and shes ten! I’m going to be honest, I would use this bag everyday for myself. If you have children (or don’t), and you love to go out and about this is the bag for you.

This backpack would also be great for on holiday, again with or without a baby. It has a water resistant outer material, which made it great for on the beach and by the pool. If you’ve got children, this is the backpack we would recommend as your out and about go to. If you are out for the day in the UK, lets face it, you may be caught in the rain, this bag keeps all of your belongings inside nice and dry

Inside you have ample room for everything you could ever need to take baby out. With seven pockets you can fit, organic snacks and food, your babys favourite natural comforter or toys, with ample room left for nappies, a bottle and everything else you may need. It even has a more secure discrete pocket for your valuables like passports, phone etc.

This backpack combines the tradition bag and changing bag and gives it a modern eco twist. Other reviewers all gave this bag top marks, like me, many of them mentioned that they had looked and researched everywhere for a changing bag that was eco friendly. They all raved about this one, stating they ‘loved it’. They also agreed with me that it was great quality and everything you could need from a baby changing bag.

Reviewers also stated that this bag was stylish, whilst being casual too, ‘It ticks all the boxes’. They all felt it was ‘amazing to know it was environmentally friendly too’.

Babymel offer something special here. Not only do they deliver a stylish but casual offering to the world of baby changing bags, but they do it in an eco conscious way. Here at Natural Organic for baby, we are always on the look out for those companies that are leading the way in sustainability, eco conscious consuming or natural and organic ways to fulfil a need. Babymel have delivered in leaps and bounds here.

By using recycled plastic bottles to make this backpack, they have really mindfully and consciously stepped up to the earths plate. They have also done this in a stylish but casual way, delivering not only innovation but function too.

Baby products and in particular changing bags, get thrown away and taken to landfill everyday. Many bags are discarded after a baby no longer needs nappies. But this one will not be throw out or discarded. I assure you this backpack, will stay with you for many years to come, making the price incredibly good value.

I love this change backpack so much,I want one, and I don’t even have a baby anymore!. (Just two much bigger ones)

> ** Buy the Babymel Georgi Eco friendly Convertible backpack here ** <

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Please feel free to ask any questions, or post any comments here.  We really value and respect our readers opinions on products we review, or the suggestions of alternative eco or natural and organic products. So please leave any recommendations, and if you do buy any of these changing bags, drop back by and tell us what you think. Many thanks and much love from all of us at Natural Organic for baby.

4 thoughts on “A Review of The Babymel Georgi Eco Backpack

  • I have been searching for a backpack for a long time but I still haven’t managed to find one that suits my criteria. I want a backpack that is well-designed, has a beautiful pattern, but I want a one who is also practical and fit a lot of stuff in it. I think I just found my perfect match. Thank you for sharing this post.

    • I am so glad we could help! Yes if you are looking for that perfect mix of function vs style, with the added bonus that it is made from recycled PET bottles then this is the baby back pack for you. Like I said in the review, this back pack will serve you for many years to come, making it great sustainable choice of baby changing bag. Enjoy!

  • Great review, very helpful,thank you. I have been looking for a baby bag, that I wouldn’t mind carrying, as much as my partner, so I think we may go for the black version. This looks like it will be perfect for us, as we love to travel too.

    • Hi Jason, thanks for taking time to read our review. this backpack is the perfect unisex option for you both. Plus it is incredibly practical and functional too, so you can just fill up and be prepared to just pick up and go. wishing you and your partner all the best with the arrival of your new baby, and I hope you love this backpack as much as we do!

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