A review of The Little Green Sheep natural twist cot bed mattress (69 X 139)

organic baby mattress

Product: The Little Green Sheep natural twist cot bed mattress

Cheapest place to buy: www.Amazon.co.uk

Size: 139 cm X 69 cm x 10cm

Guarantee:5 Year Guarantee

My Rating:9/10

organic baby mattress

When researching How to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), I discovered that The Lullaby Trust considers the baby mattress you choose to be one of the key factors that increase the risk of SIDS. They advise to never use a second hand mattress from outside the home for your new baby. Their advise was to ensure your mattress was new, in excellent condition and firm.

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We then went on a mission to find the best organic baby mattress of 2019 and found that The Little Green Sheep natural Twist cot bed mattress came number one! So we thought this organic baby mattress deserved to have a more detailed review.

I personally did not use this particular baby mattress but I did have a similar one. I decided to buy a cot bed for Jack as I felt it would give us the longest use as it could convert into a small bed once he had grown. I also opted for an organic mattress as I wanted to ensure that I limited the chemicals and toxic products that I exposed Jack to, especially on something that he would be spending the majority of his day sleeping on.

I will therefore be using my own personal experience and detailed analysis of all the reviews on this organic mattress to find out if it really does deserve to sit top of our best organic baby mattress of 2019.

How It Works

The Little Green Sheep have been really clever with this organic mattress, as they have designed it to have two sides. The first ‘firm’ side is what is recommended by industry experts for babies from birth to 12 months. As your baby grows they have given you a second side, so you can just twist it over. They claim this then gives your baby a more supple and comfy side that offers durable support, which they state should last you for up to 5 years.

What I loved about this organic mattress was the simplicity of being handmade from just four ingredients, breathable cotton, supportive coconut coir, natural latex and hypoallergenic wool. The Little Green Sheep tell us that they selected these organic materials because they naturally allow their mattress to be breathable, and provide an anti-dust mite environment.

These materials are also temperature regulating which is key to ensuring your babies temperature does not get too hot, which the experts advise us is another risk factor of SIDS. They also tell us that these materials also provide a natural fireproofing, this means that they do not have to use chemical fire retardant sprays.

The Little Green Sheep also inform us that all of their organic materials have been awarded OEKO TEC Certification. This certification is an independent testing and certification system and for textiles and raw materials. This means that the textiles and fabrics used for this organic mattress have been certified as free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Organic certification also means that the textile and fabric were grown organically according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum based fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic products.

The Little Green Sheep boast that they have been awarded 5stars as best value cot mattress by Mother & Baby Tried & Tested. They also claim they are trusted by over 100,000 parents as over the ten years they have been making mattresses over 100,000 have been purchased by trusting new parents. So is this mattress really as good as the company claims?

My Thoughts on The Little Green Sheep natural twist cot bed mattress

What I love about this mattress, and why it made it to the top of our Best of list, is the simplicity of it. To be handmade from just four materials is impressive. I love that the cotton they use is unbleached and undyed and natural. That the supportive core of the mattress is made from coconut coir.

I was also impressed that they harnessed to provide temperature regulating properties, as wool is brilliant at keeping your baby warm in winter but also cool in summer. This wonderful natural material also means that harsh chemicals do not have to be used to make it fire retardant, which for me was a big bonus, as who really wants their baby sleeping on harsh chemicals?

The company’s ethos of ‘choosing to go natural’ also really impressed and resonated with my own views. The Green Little Sheep tell us they made this decision to be kinder to your babies delicate skin and kinder to our planet. As they state natural products are made without any harmful toxins or chemicals, which creates a pure and healthy environment for your baby, which is what we also strive to bring you at Natural Organic For Baby. I love that this company source and craft from the highest quality natural materials with thought and care.

I was also incredibly impressed that this mattress comes with a five-year guarantee.

My only disappointment is that this mattress is not waterproof which is why I have given it 9/10 and not 10/10. Most experts recommend that your babies mattress is waterproof to ensure that your baby does not lay on a wet mattress for prolonged time, which again is a risk factor of SIDS (Sudden Infant death Syndrome). A waterproof covering also keeps your babies mattress hygienic and clean as it can be easily wiped down with organic cleaner or water. The Little Green Sheep do come up with a solution, providing a waterproof mattress cover for this mattress, however this does mean an extra purchase and spending extra money.

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My other slight concern was the size, as this cot bed mattress is 139cm X 69cm as I believe this is to fit Mamas and Papas cot bed size. So do beware if you are purchasing this mattress for another make of cot bed, that this is the right size for your make and model of cot or cot bed. Having a gap between mattress and cot is also another risk factor for SIDS, as you do not want to create any space that your baby could get trapped in or fall down. The Little Green Sheep do provide a good variety of size mattress, all with equally great materials, ethos and reviews.

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120 cm X 60 cm

132 cm X 70 cm

120 cm x 68 cm,

170 cm x 69 cm

What Others think about the Little Green Sheep natural Twist cot bed mattress

My analysis of the reviews for this organic mattress showed that every reviewer gave this organic mattress top marks. Most people stated that this mattress had a gorgeous quality to it, and came with no weird smells that come with man made materials. The mattress comes labeled so you know which side you should be using for your baby’s age, and this impressed the reviewers. This duel sided design really impressed the reviewers. (and me too!)

Most had been influenced by The Little Green Sheep’s green credentials and the fact that the mattress had no chemical nasties to be worried about.

All reviewers reported that their little ones slept soundly on this mattress which is music to most new parents ears!

the only negative which was hinted at in the reviews was the cost (although I think it is good value), but the review also balanced the comment with a counter of you get what you pay for, and this mattress is great quality.

Pro’s and Cons


  • Dual sided (sides are labeled) one side for babies up to 12 months, the other side for toddler and beyond.
  • Made with natural cotton, coconut coir, latex and wool all with OEKO Tex certification
  • No chemicals or harsh toxic fire retardant sprays used to make it
  • From birth to 5 years and comes with a five-year guarantee
  • Anti-dust mite and breathable


  • No waterproof protection, so this has to be purchased seperately
  • The size 139 cm X 69 cm may just be slightly small for a standard cot bed (The Little Green Sheep state this size fits the Mamas and Papas cot bed). They do offer a good variety of sizes in their mattress range BUT DOUBLE CHECK THE SIZE OF YOUR COT OR COT BED BEFORE PURCHASING A METTRESS. Even a small gap can cause a risk to your precious baby.

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Final Thoughts

The Little Green Sheep natural twist cot bed mattress comes highly recommended from both the reviews I analysed, and my own opinion. The company’s ethos of only sources and creating from the highest quality natural materials is evident in the quality and certification of this natural baby mattress. If you want the peace of mind that your precious new baby, is not sleeping on harmful or toxic chemicals then this natural alternative is for you.

The dual sided design means that you will have a longer lasting natural mattress for your baby, saving you money, and with a five-year guarantee you can be rest assured that you will get many years use.

I highly recommend this mattress and it gets a whole hearted 9 out of 10, However it lost that one mark because it is essential to also get the waterproof mattress cover that is available, to ensure that your mattress stays clean and dry and reducing any risk of SIDS due to your baby lying on a cold wet bed for any period. If you would prefer to look at a waterproof mattress alternative then check out our Best organic baby mattress of 2019 for our nine other alternative options of natural and organic baby mattresses.

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below. Are you expecting a baby and would like to go organic for your mattress? Have you purchased an organic mattress, or have you bought this mattress? If so please share your review or experience, so that our future readers can benefit from your advice.

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