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Hi everyone and welcome to my natural and organic for baby website. Using Natural and organic products has been a passion of mine for many years after being awakened to the multitude of toxins, pesticides and chemicals that are put into our food, water, environment and pretty much any product that we buy.

I decided to start converting to a natural organic lifestyle about twelve years ago and whilst it is a constant working progress and I’m not 100% yet, I try new products every day and my vision is to one day be living completely natural, sustainable, organic and cruelty-free.

Throughout my life, and especially in pregnancy, I made lots of purchases without thinking, and it wasn’t until I realised how much of an impact our consumer society and production and processing methods were having on the planet and our health, that I decided to change to organic food, organic cosmetics and toiletries and organic household cleaning products.

When I had my two children 12 and 9 years ago the choice to go natural and organic was limited. Today there is a vast choice of organic baby food, Organic baby clothes, Organic baby toiletries… the list goes on. I hope to bring those choices to you.

Why go organic?

I believe that much of our farming, production and manufacturing has a huge impact on the planet, with chemicals being released into the atmosphere every minute of every day. Recently it has been discovered that minute traces of chemicals have been detected in Antarctica which has affected the fish, seals and penguins. If this is the case, what impact does these chemicals have on our unborn children and newborns?

At Natural and Organic for baby, we give you advice on every step of having your beautiful new baby and how to do it as naturally and organically as possible.

About Me

I, m Sara a mother of two children who are now 12 and 9. Having experienced two very different pregnancies one Cesarean Section and one Natural birth, I hope to be able to share the mistakes I made and the lessons I learnt.

My First pregnancy was incredibly naive and stressful. Throughout the pregnancy I was very ill. Looking back it was probably due to poor diet, too much stress and anxiety about the unknown. I bought too much ‘stuff’ and spent more money than was necessary.

When It came to giving birth Jack just did not want to come out! After 48 hours and Jack becoming distressed I was rushed for a C Section. In his early days (and years!), Jack would not eat or sleep and suffered with allergies and baby eczema.

After I found out I was pregnant with Jessica I overhauled my diet, went organic and started taking vitamins for pregnancy. It was a very different experience. I had learnt the valuable lesson of practicing self care, taking time out to relax. I cut back on what I bought and went natural and organic for baby toiletries and clothes.

The result was amazing! Jacks allergies and eczema cleared up, and I found a wonderful organic baby sleeping bag that made him sleep through the night for the first time in two years! By the time Jessica was born, my home and mindset had changed. I was a much more confident and felt much more at peace that my babies were growing in a much more natural environment. Something I still strive for today.

Why I want to help people and the planet.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be an extremely scary and stressful process, especially if it is your first time. I want to impart my knowledge and experience of two very different pregnancies, births and early years with my babies, to take away the stress and anxiety that can sometimes come with being pregnant and having a new baby. Sometimes we just need that friend, who can give you a piece of wisdom or maybe even advise you to practice self care!

Our babies are our future of this wonderful planet. I hope that by connecting with you and sharing my passion for this planet and all the living beings, we can together make a difference not only to you in your pregnancy, but your beautiful baby and this world they are being born into. I want to help reduce the amount of chemicals being pumped out into the world and left in all the things we buy. I hope that together we can reduce waste and in the process, save you money, by making mindful choices and conscious purchases.


This website therefore is about connecting to people, and caring for the new human beings being born onto it. By allowing you to share in my two very different pregnancy experiences and my own journey to go natural and organic in my home. I will share great products I love, what I feel you need for you, baby and your home and how to do this as natural and organically as possible.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



2 thoughts on “About Sara

  • Love your site Sara, finally had time to have a good look around it.
    You have so much here to help any new parent, this is amazing.
    So much great advice too.
    I love that you are organic, it is so important these days for our bubbas. Give them the best start possible.
    I have shared this with some friends who have little ones.
    Kind Wishes

    • Thank you Daisy, I woke up one morning and had this inspirations to go organic, and when I decided to make a site, this is what was pulling at me. I felt, my tough experiences (and wonderful ones) dealing with pregnancy, childbirth and raising my two would help others and combined that with my desire to save this wonderful world we live in. Who better to do that, than the next generation! Thank you for visiting my site and sharing, If it helps just one parent, I will have succeeded. Your support is as always very much appreciated.

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