Affiliate and Marketing Disclosure Document

Affiliate and disclosure Statement

Affiliate and Marketing Disclosure

When you buy something from this website or click on a link from this website, I

may receive an affiliate or network marketing commission. I am a Independent Consultant

of Neal’s Yard Remedies, and as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying

purchases. I am also an affiliate to Cowshed.

The opinions expressed on this website are mine and are not representative of

the companies that create or sell these products.

My reviews are based on my personal own experience and research.


It is my intention to explain products so you can make an informed decision on

which ones suit your needs best. Recommendations and reviews are made with

no bias to any particular company and are represented as my true and honest

opinion and that of the reviews and opinions I research.

There may be products recommended that I am or am not affiliated to or a

marketer of. Any products or companies that I have chosen to affiliate with or

market have been thoroughly researched and investigated, prior to me deciding

and agreeing to recommend them or their products.

Here at we believe in a duty and ethic of care for

not only you, your baby, but this planet we live on.

We strive to affiliate and recommend those products or companies that

are natural and organic, or operate from an environmental and ethical, and

sustainable ethos. There may however,  on occasions be products we

review or recommend that are not natural or organic. We will only

do so where we truly believe these will be of benefit or help you and your baby.


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