Best Aromatherapy Diffusers of 2020

Why use an aromatherapy diffuser?

Diffusing aromatherapy oils can be a wonderful way of relaxing and aiding sleep for both you and your baby. It can be great to start during pregnancy (making sure you diffuse safe oils, and use the recommended amount of drops). Many women also take their diffuser’s into the labour suite or room with them.

I know for me, especially in the very early stages of pregnancy this would have been wonderful, as I was in labour for what seemed like days (and in fact was) and spent a lot of that time anxious and waiting. It wasn’t until after having my two babies that I discovered aromatherapy diffusing. It was after I had my second baby Jessica.

When I had Jessica I was very good at sticking to a bedtime routine with her and part of our bedtime routine was a bath with organic bath oil. Then we would come down and I would put the diffuser on and do a baby massage. What was great was that my son Jack, who was two when Jessica was born, also benefited as my husband would sit and read Jack stories. This would help both of them go off to bed really relaxed and help them to fall asleep easily.

How Can Diffusing organic essential oil help you and your baby sleep?

There are many essential oils that are wonderful for relaxing the body and mind, whilst they have a wonderful relaxing effect on your baby they also help to relax you which has a knock on affect. If you are calm and relaxed your baby will sense that and feel safe and calm too.

Diffusing oils as part of your bedtime routine can provide a trigger to your baby or child, that it is bedtime. I used to put my diffuser on and mix five drops of essential oil with water (before the bath), then when we came down the living room was filled with a wonderful relaxing smell. I would then get them dry and do a short baby massage.

Some nights this routine was very short, others it would be quite a relaxed long massage, it all depended on how I felt, and how Jessica was reacting to it. Some nights neither of us were in the mood, and we would just dim the lights and enjoy the relaxing scent whilst doing the final nighttime bottle. The wonderful thing was I got to benefit from some aromatherapy self care too, after both had been put to bed.

>>Read: Are aromatherapy oils safe for babies? which gives great advice on diffusing and baby massage here<<

How can diffusing organic essential oils help my colicky baby?

Anyone who has had a baby that suffers from colic will tell you how stressful it is. Your poor baby is constantly crying and you are there trying everything to soothe them, whilst getting to the end of your ability to cope.

Diffusing essential oils, in particular lavender and chamomile in combination with massage, other anti colic products and organic colic treatments can really help the situation. It will soothe your tired frazzled mind but can also provide real benefits for your suffering baby.

>> See our article on how to help a baby with colic, for further advice here <<

All our reviews are thoroughly researched and where we have not used or owned the products ourselves, we use an analysis of the manufacturers details and a variety of reviews mixed with our own experience.

Our best aromatherapy diffuser’s of 2019

Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500

Best aromatherapy diffusers

Price £160.00 (Price as stated on 02/02/2020, this is subject to change at any time, and whilst we do check prices stated are still current, it may well be the seller price could be different to the price stated on this review)

Now this, really is the ultimate in aromatherapy diffuser’s, because not only does it have two aromatherapy chambers which allow you to have two different scents (so a relaxing one for night and a uplifting one for morning). It also recreates sunset and sunrise to help you and baby (or children!) drift off to sleep and wake up naturally and gently.

It also comes with an alarm clock, which is great for setting feeding timers for early newborns, if you are following a parent led feeding, or can just be a back up to ensuring your baby is fed regularly if you are following a baby led on demand feeding. Bottle fed babies tend to feed every two to three hours at first and then will go to every three to four and hen you will be able to extend this further as your baby takes bigger feeds and grows. A breast fed baby will feed more frequently.

Another wonderful feature of the Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500, is that it has a reading and nightlight option. so if you are lying in bed reading while your baby is sleeping, you can keep a dimmed relaxed lighting in the bedroom. The nightlight is perfect for those night feeds too! I have also found that this is perfect for older children who have trouble sleeping, as it has the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy plus the sunset and sunrise option, but you can also leave the nightlight on all night.


  • Great for healthy sleep, and increased energy, whilst trying to cope with a new baby.
  • 15, 20, 45, 60 or 90 minute sunset to wind down for bed, great for baby and young children and you if you are having trouble with your disturbed sleep.
  • 15, 20, 45, 60 or 90 minute sunrise to help you wake up naturally (but lets face it, baby is probably going to beat the sunrise to it)
  • 2 X 60ml removable aromatherapy chambers for water and pure essential oils. helping you personalise your aromatherapy for night and morning.
  • Ultra sonic technology diffusion with continuous or intermittent ‘plume’ diffusion
  • It automatically shuts down if the water level is low, giving you peace of mind that is safe to use through the night.
  • Offers a 7 day programming option and remote control, perfect for controlling without having to disturb your baby or child, or get out of bed, if your diffuser is placed over the other side of the room.
  • It comes with a dimmable bedside light and nighlight option, perfect for nightfeeds and scared children.
  • Gives you the option of an alarm with snooze feature but lets face it with a baby in the house who’s snoozing? It does have a power failure back up to this alarm though, always good to have backup!
  • Light therapy can be used for the treatment of SAD (seasonal Affective Disorder) Lets face it here in the UK, we aren’t getting all year round sun!
  • Scientifically designed in England based on published research
  • certified by the medical devices directive (93/42/EEC) and supplied to the NHS!


  • Price, this does cost £160.00. However as ‘they’ say you get what you pay for, and here you are getting the Rolls Royce of aromatherapy diffuser’s and SAD lamps.
  • Size, this is a much bigger diffuser than most,( H 170 x W 230 x D 150mm, with2 X 60ml water capacity) so you will need space for it.

I have to be honest, I absolutley love this diffuser! and having been a sufferer of SAD, was a bit sceptical about how good this would be. It is amazing, I love going to bed with a combination of aromatherapy and light therapy and always wake up feeling refeshed and well rested, and I have found my energy levels in the day have got much better. I wish I had known about this when I had my two, because I know this would have really helped me through thouse sleep deprived years.

Oska Aroma Diffuser

Best aromatherapy diffusersPrice : £75.00 (Price as stated on 02/02/2020, this is subject to change at any time, and whilst we do check prices stated are still current, it may well be the seller price could be different to the price stated on this review)

This diffuser is a truly beautiful one, inspired by Nordic design, that will look great anywhere in the house. It helps you create an serene ambience as it releases the aromatherapy mist. You can set the mist diffusing to either continues or intermittent, which is perfect for the stronger essential oils. with an auto shut off feature, you know it is safe and ideal to use around children and/or pets.

It doubles up as a very attractive lamp with options to have it colour changing mood lighting or you can choose a single colour, this feature can be switched off for nightime use. You also can control this diffuser by an app on your mobile device, which allows you to be in complete control of the colours, mist settings and be able to turn off the light, all from your device.

Size 100mm X 224mm with a 100ml capacity in the water chamber.


  • Allows you to change colours, lighting and mist settings conveniently from your mobile device
  • It has colour changing mood lighting that can be turned off or paused on a preferred colour
  • Intermittent or continuous mist options
  • No essential oil degradation as no heat, also making it safe to use around babies, children and pets
  • No naked flame or smoke, which is perfect for use around baby.
  • Auto shut off so no fear of any damage or danger if the water runs out.


  • Will need to be emptied and the water tank rinsed and dried each time you use a different essential oil. this is because some oils (especially citrus oils) may cause damage to the disc if left in the water tank.
  • This diffuser is not suitable to be put on any furniture that is likely to be damaged by water moisture!

If you want a sophisticated modern diffuser this is a beautiful option, and with the colour changing feature, many children really love this one and it does provide a lovely atmosphere.

Skye Aroma Diffuser

Best aromatherapy diffusersPrice £65.00 (Price as stated on 02/02/2020, this is subject to change at any time, and whilst we do check prices stated are still current, it may well be the seller price could be different to the price stated on this review)

The sky aroma diffuser acts as a mini humidifyer, so great for those really dry environments like houses with centra heating! Skye diffuses a fine mist infused with aromatherapy, this helps you enhance and promote a healing and relaxing environment for both you and baby.

It has a frosted glass dome with a beautiful bamboo base to give you a really luxurious aromatherapy experience, and a diffuser that will fit with any home and decor.

The light provides a gradual change through a soft spectrum of colours, that you have the option to select and fix on your preferred colour, again children and babies love this colour changing feature.If you use your diffuser at night, a night mode allows you to switch off the light, but still benefit from the aromatherapy infused mist, making it perfect for use in the bedroom.

Size: 185mm X H130mm, 100ml capacity


  • Intermittent setting, low energy LED lights
  • Made from bamboo that is low impact to the environment
  • It benefits from a night mode, making it great for the bedroom
  • No heat, which helps ensure there is no essential oil degredation
  • No worries and safe for use around children and pets, as no naked flame or smoke
  • Benefits from a auto shut off safety feature.


  • You are advised to empty and rinse and dry the water tank every time you use a different essential oil!.

I love this diffuser, as it is made from low impact bamboo and uses low energy LED lights, so as environmentally friendly as an electric aromatherapy diffuser can be.

Maya Aroma Diffuser

best aromatherapy diffusersPrice £60.00 (Price as stated on 02/02/2020, this is subject to change at any time, and whilst we do check prices stated are still current, it may well be the seller price could be different to the price stated on this review)

The Maya aroma diffuser, has a large capacity which means it can diffuse for up to six hours. Simply fill with tap water, and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils, and release the soothing heatless, fine scented mist to relax you and baby. It can also act as a mini humidifyer, perfect for dry environments like centrally heated homes.

This diffusers has a low energy LED bulb creating soothing, soft mood lighting, and a colour option with a one, two or three hour option which makes this perfect for your nightime routine with baby, or if you want to use it for drifting off to sleep.

I absolutley love this design, Made from sustainably source and hand cut rubberwood, it has been designed to reflect the centric circles in tree rings, truly beautiful, with a real organic and natural feel and look.

SIZE: 156 mm (W) X 118 mm (H) with a 250ml capacity.


  • Has a very large capacity which allows upto six hours of diffusing
  • Easy to clean
  • Low energy LED bulb which produces a soft light with colour settings
  • Perfect as a nightlight
  • No Naked flame or smoke so perfect for use around children or pets
  • Provides the peace of mind of an auto shut off feature
  • No heat, so again no degredation of the essential oil


  • Also must be emptied, cleaned and dried everytime you use a different essential oil, as some essential oils (especially citrus oils) can cause damage to the discs.
  • This diffuser is not sutable to be placed on any furniture that could be subject to water moisture damage.

Esta Aroma DiffuserBest aromatherapy diffusers

Price £57.50 (Price as stated on 02/02/2020, this is subject to change at any time, and whilst we do check prices stated are still current, it may well be the seller price could be different to the price stated on this review) 

The Esta aroma diffuser is truly sophisticated and stylish in design with it’s elegant bamboo outer. As Neal’s Yard Remedies tell us, this is made from sustainably sourced bamboo which is cut by hand to allow maturing and flowering strands to flourish, this provides a desig that is truly eco-lux.

This diffuser again provides a fine aroma mist infused with essential oils, and is ideal to help counteract the drying effect of central heating, with an intermittent option which diffuses mist every 30 seconds. This is a more simply designed diffuser than the ones above with only two soft light options. Just add water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil and you are good to go. A great simple diffuser for that relaxing and calming bedtime routine.

SIZE: 157mm high X 91mm Wide. 100ml capacity.


  • Ideal as a night light, as has soft light with two settings
  • Low energy 12W bulbs
  • Easy to clean
  • No naked flames or smoke, so perfect for use around baby’s, children and pets
  • Peace of mind of an auto shut off feature
  • No heat so again no degradation of the essential oils


  • This diffuser is not suitable for placement on furniture that is likely to be damaged by water moisture!
  • Must be emptied, cleaned and tried before using a different essential oil, as this can cause damage to the disc.

Soto Aroma Diffuser

Best aromatherapy diffusersThis diffuser provides a really elegant look which would look great in any room and with any decor. It acts as a mini humidifyer and the cool scented and relaxing mist spreads fragrance quickly and effectively. Great for counteracting the drying central heating.

It has a colour changing mood lighting which takes you through a rainbow of colours, or you can just set it on your favourite single colour, again a great hit with babies and children.


  • Peace of mind of the auto shut off, making it safe for use around babies, children and pets
  • Really simple design that is easy to maintain and use
  • Low energy consumption (12W)
  • Rich colour LED lights


  • Must empty and clean and dry the water takevery time you use a new essential oil

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Final Thoughts

All of these best aromatherapy diffusers of 2020, will make perfect additions to your home and to your bedtime routine with baby. It comes down to budget, personal choice with design. I personally absolutely love my Lumie Bodyclock Iris. It has really helped with my energy levels when we have no sun in the UK, which lets face it is most of the time. I also love the sunset and sunrise feature, really relaxing and I know would be amazing with a new baby or for a child. My son Jack already wants it in his bedroom!

Remember as new parents (both Mums and Dad’s) of course caring for your baby becomes your first priority, but it is equally essential to care for each other and to practice self care. If you are both one hundred percent focusing on your new baby, you can both become frazzled and exhausted very quickly.

Give each other a break and do what you both love. If you are on your own then self becomes even more important and relaxing and getting at least some quality sleep is essential. But remember self care can be as simple as treating yourself to a bath and a nap while baby sleeps and what better way to make it truly special than some luxurious relaxing aromatherapy!

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments below. Have you used an aromatherapy diffuser? what benefits have you seen for you and your baby? If you buy any of these diffusers or already own one, please feel free to leave a review below to help our future natural organic for baby readers. Many Thanks Sara.


8 thoughts on “Best Aromatherapy Diffusers of 2020

  • This post is very informational, and I feel like, honest too. Pros and cons list gives honest review of product. As someone who has never used an aromatherapy diffuser, and honesty knew nothing about them prior to visiting this page, I believe this website did an excellent job of educating me. I also liked the wide variety of products that are offered for review.

    • Hi Andy, Thank you so much for visiting our site and reading the article. I am so pleased it provided you with so much value. Yes we like doing the pro’s and con’s as it gives a much more balanced and honest review of the product. Also what one person may find great another may find a con. I hope our Best Aromatherapy diffusers have helped you to pick one that is suitable for your needs, should you purchase one, please do come back to let our readers know what you thought.

  • Great article! We personally have the Soto in the kiddos rooms. It works like a champ! Dropping in the lavender essential oils is a must for our bed time ritual!

    If only more people knew about this! Also dropping eucalyptus in helps clear up our sinuses. I honestly do not know what I’d do without ours.

    The only hassel really is cleaning it before changing the oils out, but really only takes about a minute or two.

    • Hi Denton! thank you so much for stopping by and giving us your positive review of the Soto diffuser. Like you say, we find lavender at night is wonderful for calming our two down and getting them off to sleep quickly, also helps us too! we have just had a bout of colds and flu in our house and eucalyptus was also a godsend to help clear breathing, during the day and night. My son hates when his nose gets blocked, for some reason it really scares and upsets him, so anything that clears that, to allow a calmer sleep and the ability to breathe through his nose is always greatly welcomed. As you state, the cleaning can be a very slight hassle as it is recommended to clean every time you use a different oil and regular even when using the same oil. But, as you say, the few minutes this takes doesn’t really cause us any problems and we have three diffusers now.

    • Hi Shaun, thank you so much for taking the time to visit, read and comment on our article. I hope it was of use for you finding an aromatherapy diffuser you like. Should you purchase one, please do come back and lets us know what you think, so our other readers can gain from your review too.

  • I don’t have kids but have a sister that has and during the time I stayed with boy oh boy barely any sleep and this product sounds like a winner! I’d defo try it no doubt perhaps even get it as a gift. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Tenyiko, Thankyou so much for stopping by our website and taking the time to read this article. Aromatherapy diffusers make a wonderful gift and I am sure your sister would be very grateful for it. Please be sure to pass on our website details to your sister, as we have several articles about helping a baby to sleep, and also another on self care, essential for any new Mother or Father!

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