Best Eco Friendly Nappies Uk of 2020

Best eco friendly nappies Uk of 2020

Out of everything you need to get for your new baby, some form of nappies is going to be top of your list, and something that you are going to be using multiple times day and night.

Your baby may be in a nappy for the majority of a day and night,(other than nappy free time), so they need to be comfortable, absorbent and non-irritating. The nappy is going to have to deal your new baby kicking and moving too, so it needs to be flexible.

There is nothing worse than a nappy that keeps coming off, or that leaks at the legs. Even worse is if you end up with a poo explosion up the back, or down the legs or if a nappy rubs your baby or irritates their skin. A sore bottom or rubbed legs are going to cause a lot of discomfort and tears. It is well-known that a sore bottom can also be one of the top reasons your baby will cry or not sleep too!

I remember trying many brands before I found the perfect nappy, and I found that both Jack and Jessica preferred different nappies, I’m not sure if it is a boy/girl thing?

With every nappy change (and believe me there will be many), comes a nappy that needs to be disposed. An estimated three billion (yes you read that right, THREE BILLION) nappies are disposed of in the UK alone, this accounts for around 2-3% of our total waste.

It is an interesting fact to note that every baby could have used up to 6000 nappies by the time they are potty trained and out of nappies, and if you think about how many babies are being born, that’s an awful lot of nappies, towering in our landfill sites.

Disposable nappies also became a major discussion at the Conservative party conference back in 2018, with Michael Gove even going so far as to hint that traditional (non biodegradable or non Eco nappy), should be banned. Obviously this discussion will continue to happen, as we as a collective humanity weigh up the damage we are doing, and the emergency issue of climate change and it’s impacts.

One of the major talking points right now, is our collective use of plastic and it’s devastating impact on our earths wildlife. This was catapulted to a talking point in many households, after an episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2 aired, showing our oceans filled with plastic waste.

I remember sitting watching the episode as a Mother Whale swam with her dead baby that had been killed due to us filling her ocean with plastic. If ever anything is going to make you pause and really think about what we are doing to our planet, that is going to be it.

We have become a throwaway society. We want things to be quick and easy, and of course when you are changing a screaming baby’s nappy at 3am, you are going to want the process to be quick and painless. However, do you ever think about what happens to that nappy when we throw it away? Or any of our waste for that matter? I know I didn’t until I sat that night watching mother nature drowning in our plastic and rubbish.

It is estimated that disposable nappies can take up to 500 years to finally decompose, with reports of whole nappies being found from 1980s, that hadn’t even begun to break down, it does make you realise, that our waste is living 100’s of generations after us. Is that what we want to leave them, piles of plastic and poo?

So what can we do to change this? You have two options, biodegradable environmentally friendly nappies, or washable cloth and reusable nappies. Of course the age-old arguments of do biodegradable nappies actually biodegrade? and what is the environmental impact of washing nappies?, are always raised.

No disposable nappy will ever biodegrade 100%, however they are a vast improvement on the normal non biodegrade options. Eco nappies tend to be able to bio degrade in between 60-80% and some can (if disposed in the right way),biodegrade in less than 3 months.

However, the biodegradable nappies need to be disposed in a way that means that they would be composted. We intend to investigate this further in another article, so keep a look out for our detailed delve into this argument.

In this article, however, I am going to focus on the best Eco friendly nappies UK. These are disposable but biodegradable. We will of course also bring you the best of the washable, cloth nappies, along with in another article very soon.

Eco by Naty

Eco By Naty like many companies, was started ‘with a crazy idea’ In 1994 it’s founders read an article about the damaging effects disposable nappies were having on the Swedish environment and decided there had to be a better way!.

So they did their research, and developed what is now one of the market leading brands of Eco nappy, becoming one of the first winners of the OK bio based Certification by Vincotte.

Founder and CEO, Marlene Sandberg tell us she ‘started her company with the determination to make high performance products that were friendlier to nature‘. That sound pretty good to me! So what do Eco by Naty have to offer you?

Nappies that are environmentally friendly, kind to your baby’s skin, and have kick-ass performance. Allowing you to go green without giving up on performance. Oh and I forgot to mention, no nasty chemicals and 0% oil based plastic on your baby’s skin.

Let’s take a look at their award-winning Eco nappies and what is hailed as the number one selling green nappy on the market.

Key Features

  • Naturally breathable
  • Chlorine and fragrance free
  • GM free they have a corn based film
  • Natural and renewable material
  • No perfume
  • Totally chlorine free pulp
  • Leakage barrier made of natural material, No plastic
  • Distribution layer made of natural material, No plastic

These come in a variety of sizesBest eco friendly Nappies UK

Eco by Naty Nappy size 1 for Newborns. These come in a pack of 25 nappies and are suitable for babies who are 2-5 kg – 4 – 11 lbs. Reviewer absolutely raved about this brand and size of nappy. Parents of newborn babies felt these were ‘great nappies and a great price’. Also, that they ‘never caused nappy rash or undercut skin’. With another saying they’wouldn’t change for another brand, they are wonderful’. Very high praise indeed.

best Eco friendly Nappies UK

Eco by Naty size 2. These come in a pack of 33 nappies. They are suitable for babies 3 – 6 kg, 6 – 13 lbs. These are the size you will need if you have a bigger baby. Both my two were 9.5lbs, so I was grateful I packed a pack of each size, as this size seemed more comfortable for them.

Reviewers of this size again all hailed them as a ‘great product’. Others also commented that they switched to these, as their previous ones gave their babies nappy rash, and these helped clear that up. The only negative comment was that these are a’a bit pricier than other nappies on the market’, although that same reviewer said they would still ‘highly recommend to all parents’.

Eco by Naty size 3. These come in a pack of 50 nappies and are suitable for babies 4 – 9 Kg or 9 – 20 lbs.Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

The reviewers of this size all commented on how fantastic they were, with five star reviews everywhere. They said that they were great value for a pack of 50. A common comment was that babies don’t get nappy rash as they do with other brands. They also commented on no leakage, with one reviewer saying ‘they were the best nappies they had used’.

Best Eco Friendly Nappies UKEco by Naty size 4. These either come in a pack of 26 nappies, or an economy pack of 44 nappies. These are suitable for babies 7 – 18 Kg or 15 – 40 lbs.

Again reviewers all raved about these nappies. It easy to see why they are award-winning. There was only one negative comments, and that was that they found ‘baby grew out of sizes quickly, in terms of width’. Many commented that these were ‘the best nappies ever’.

Eco by Naty pull up pants size 4. These are for children 8 – 15 Kg or 18 – 33 lb. these are perfect for your toddler who may be potty training or if you want to get them used to a pull on. It is an important stage of development and a good pull up can be key to success.
Reviewers absolutely love these with 100% 5 star reviews everywhere I looked! Most saying they were ‘really impressed’, and ‘loved them’. Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK
Eco by Naty size 4+. These are for babies 9 – 20 Kg or 20 – 44 lb, and come in a 24 pack or Eco pack of 42.

Reviewers all gave their usual praise and adoration, however one reviewer did state that ‘you have to use more nappies than non Eco’. Most agreed these were really breathable and great for the hotter weather.Best eco Friendly Nappies UK

Eco by Naty size 5 for babies 11-25 Kg or 24 – 55 lbs. come in a 40 nappy pack.Reviewers again loved these, with only one concerned that the packaging was still plastic.Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

Eco by Naty size 6 X Large, Pull Up for babies 16+ Kg or 35 +lbs come in an 18 pack.

Reviewers of this size again singing from the same hymn sheet of praise. However, a couple did report some leakage, but commented that as these are potty training pants, it didn’t really pose much of an issue.

Bambo Nature disposable nappies

Bambo is a family run company from Denmark who have been trading for more than 40 years. They tell us there are traces of Nordic heritage in every product they create. Bambo Nature was the first baby nappy to earn the esteemed Nordic Swan Eco label Certifications.

The wonderful people at Bambo tell us they want to leave a healthy planet full of natural resources for their children (and ours) and the generations after them. At their facilities in Denmark, they recycle 95% of all waste from the production of their baby nappies.

Bambo really push innovation and production but with the balancing it with Eco ethics, not only in their end product, but in their whole processes and ethos.

Like Eco by Naty above, Bambo Nature do a range of sizes of their nappies. Ranging from size 1 to size 6.

Their nappies are made to be an Eco-friendly alternative, made to be as biodegradable as possible and without using perfumes or harsh chemicals that can cause allergic reactions on your baby’s delicate skin.

Bambo score top marks in our opinion. So Let’s take a look at their nature skin-friendly nappies.

Key Features

  • Softness: these nappies are upgraded with an even softer textile-like back and top sheet that makes it feel like clothing on their skin
  • Thin: Bambo Nature are thinner than ever before, but provide the same performance as always
  • Perfect body fit. This minimises leakage and makes the nappy comfortable to wear
  • Flexible side panels for greater freedom and flexibility of movement.
  • Breathable textile like backsheet
  • super absorbent and a top dry system that ensures fast absorption and a dry surface. Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

Bambo Nature Premature size 0. For babies weighing 1 to 3kg (nappy size 23 X 34 cm) and they come in a pack of 24.

These are perfect if your baby decides they can’t wait to see you and come early. Noraml size nappies would just fall off a premature baby, so it is wonderful that Bambo nature give you the option.

There were only a few reviews about this size, probably owing to how few people need to buy this size. Those who did, said they were perfect for their very precious smaller premature babies.

Best Eco Friendly Nappies UKBambo Nature size 1 – New born. For babies weighing 2 to 4 Kg (nappy size 25 X 34 cm) and they come in a pack of 28 nappies.

Again new parents raved about these, saying they were really soft. 76% of reviewers gave these top marks. Others stated they were the perfect fit for their smaller baby.

Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

Bambo Nature size 2. For babies weighing 3 to 6 Kg – (nappy size 19.5 X 39 cm) and they come in a pack of 30

Most reviewers again shouted the same praise, with comments like ‘very pleased with them’, and ‘these are by far my favourite nappies to use for our newborn’. 75% of reviewers gave these top marks. However they did get some negative feedback. One reviewer said they were great for a new born but not good for their toddler. Some said they leaked or baby needed changing more in the night. One reviwer said they were not worth the money. Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

Bambo Nature size 3 Midi size. For babies weighing 5 to 9 Kg (nappy size 21 X 45) and they come in a pack of 33.

Again around 75% of people giving these top marks. Again with most saying they ‘are wonderfully soft’, and ‘these are the best eco nappies I have used ‘. However some felt they weren’t as good quality as other brands saying they had issues with tabs breaking and some leakage. Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

Bambo Nature size 4 Maxi Size. for babies weighing 7 to 18 Kg (Nappy size 21 X 49 cm)., and they come in a pack of 30.

I have to be honest this size tended to fair much better with reviewer with no negative comments and 100% giving top marks. With reviewers making comments like ‘great design’, ‘incredibly absorbant’, ‘Great quality’Best Eco Friendly Nappies UK

Bambo Nature Size 5 Junior For babies weighing 12 to 22 Kg (nappy size 24 X 51 cm), and they come in a pack of either 27, or a jumbo pack of 54.

Again this bigger size faired brilliantly with all reviewers, with most praising the environmental benefits. Another reviewer also said ‘these were the best they had tried out of all the eco nappies on the market’.

Best Eco friendly Nappies UKBambo Nature size 5 Training Pants. For babies weighing12 to 20Kg (pant size 18 X 51 cm), and they come in a pack of 20.

Again like Eco by Naty, at this size Bambo Nature offer a pull up style training pant, which is perfect for potty training and a toddler gaining a little more independance. These were really raved about by reviewers with 80% of them giving top marks. Most saying they ‘loved these nappies’, and that they were ‘soft and comfortable’.  A couple of reviewers had experienced ‘leaking at night’, but other than that there was high praise for this size and style.

Bambo Nature XL Size 6 nappies. For babies weighing 16 to 30 Kg, (nappy size 24 X 55 cm)., and they come in a pack of 22 or a jumbo pack of 44.

Again reviewers raved about this bigger size with 100% giving top marks. Most loving that they are ‘great for the environment’. Another saying that these were ‘fantastic nappies, and as good as the non eco nappies’.

Bambo Nature XL size 6 training pants For babies weighin 18 KG+ (pant size 18 X 55 cm), and they come in a pack of 18.

Reviewers again loved this size and style. Most giving top marks and stating they dbought these  for ‘greener living’.

Bambo Nature has a more mixed bag of reviews, however some reviewers did state that Bambo Nature had changed the design and improved these considerably, so that may account for some of the older reiews having the negative comments.

As we anything it is all about personal choice. Like I said both of my babies preferred a different brand of nappy, and I found they worked different for Jack than they did for Jessica. again this might be a boy/girl thing. I also found that the brand I loved with Jack, did not end up being the brand I loved with Jessica. So my advice is to try each brand, and make your own choice which one you love the best.

Bambo Nature have really impressed us wth their drive to ensure everything they do is focused on doing things better, for your baby and the environment.

Tidoo Nature nappies

Tidoo have designed their nappies to be both leak proof, whilst being ecologically thoughtful. Tidoo tell us their nappies  up to 12 ours comfort for your baby.

Their nappies are hypoallergenic, so great for sensitive skins. They are made in an environmentally friendly way using 50% renewable raw materials, which is pretty good! They are both chlorine and latex free.

Key Features

  • Designed with materials to prevent skin irritation and redness
  • Hypoallergenic and anti leakage
  • Convenient and very esay to use
  • Two leakage barriers, providing additional overall reinforcement
  • elasticated on both sides
  • External micro-perforated covering which is kind to your babies skin.
  • Breathable without the risks of leaks
  • Two expandable ultra-adhesive Velcro fasteners, can be easily repositioned.
  • the raw materials are certified and 50% renewable
  • 100% chlorine free, perfume free and Latex free
  • The main raw materials (wood, pulp and cullose) come from 100% renewable forests.

Again as with the wonderful companies above, Tidoo offer you a range of sizes:

Tidoo Nature size 2 New Born. For babies 3 – 6 Kg.(7 – 13 lb) and they come in a pack of 58.

Reviewers loved these saying ‘they seemed the most natural of all the eco brands’.

Tidoo Nature Nappies size 3. For babies 4 – 9 Kg,(9 – 20 lb) and they come in a pack of 56.

Tidoo Nature Nappies Maxi size size 4. For babies 7 – 18 Kg (16  – 40 lbs), and they come in a pack of 50.

This size faired really well with reviewers, with 100% giving top marks. They tell us that these nappies ‘have an excellent feel and ‘never have nappy rash’. One reviewer did however point out that compared to other companies this maxi size 4 ‘came up much smaller’. Also a reviewer stated they had an issue that it didi not have elastic at the rear of the nappy, meaningpoo exits up the rear of the nappy. 

Tidoo Stand Up Training pants, Maxi size 4 (8 – 15 Kg)18 – 33 Lb)

Tidoo Nature Nappies size 4+ Maxi plus size. For babes 9 – 20 Kg (20 – 44 lbs) and they come in a pack of 48.

Tidoo Nature Nappies, Junior size 5. For babies 12 – 25 Kg (26 – 55 Lbs), and they come in a pack of 46.

Reviewers thought ‘these nappies were perfect’. With others raving that they were ‘the first nappies to stay dry all night’. Others commented that ‘there was no smell’. stating that other brands like Bambo and Naty seem to have a smell?.

Tidoo Nature stand up training pants, Junior size 5. for babies 12 – 18 Kg, and they come in a pack of 36.

Tidoo Nature Nappies XL Size 6. For babies 6 – 30 Kg (35 – 66 Lbs), and they come in a pack of 38.

This size and style also faired really well with reviewers sayingit fit a taller baby and that they were ‘really spacious’. Also the same reviewer stated their baby found them ‘really comfortable’.

I am going to be honest, whilst doing my research there appeared to be significantly less reviews on this brand and a lot less information about the company. It would be great to do an in depth review of this brand and we look forward to bringing you that in the coming weeks.

Maistic compostable nappy bags

Maistic have a mission, for there to be less plastic in the world, and so every product they sell has this vision in mind.

If you are going to do all this wonderful work swapping to an eco nappy, you need to do the same for your nappy bag (if you use them). Maistic have come up with these wonderful compostable nappy bags for your dirty nappies and wipes.

These nappy bags meet the requirements for OK compost HOME certification and the stringent EU standard for compost.

These bags also do not contain BPA, Phthalates, flurides and other disputed health and environmentally harmful substances.

These are a wonderful way of finishing the job right. Afterall there is no point going for an environmentally friendly nappy and then putting it in a plastic bag to dispose of it!.

> ** Buy Maistic compostable bags here ** <

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool Balls

Simply gente offer a wonderful range of cotton wool products, giving you the option of balls and pads or pleats. These are made from 100% organic cotton, and are biodegradable., so can be put in your compostable bag, along side your eco nappy.

Simply gentle tell us this product is certified organic by the soil association and also meets the strict SA8000 Ethical and social standards.

On a new born baby it is advised to use cotton wool and water (not wipes) as their skin is incredibly delicate in the first weeks.

> ** Buy Simply Gentle Cotton wool products here ** <




Final Thoughts

My analysis of all three brands of market sales and general reviews over a cross section of websites, shows that Eco by Naty tends to be the more popular brand. As I already stated there appears to be much less information and data on the Tidoo brand.

As with any product, it is all going to come down to personal choice and opinion., with the added fact that every baby is an individual and will react differently to different nappies.  As I have said many times, the nappies that worked best for my daughter Jessica, did not work best for my son Jack.

Where there have been negative comments on any of the brands above, the same comments could be made of any brand of nappy, eco or non eco. I have in the past (before I went eco) had tabs break and leakages, and yes, poo all up backs, from all of the leading brands. The nappy that is going to fit you, and your baby and your lifestyle is a personal choice and I wish you well on your jounrey to discovering which one is best for you. 

What I have learned by researching and writing this article, is that the discussion and issue of nappy waste is not going to stop or go away. Our planet needs us to having these discussions and making these changes. There is a vast amount of choice and quality in the eco/ environmentally friendly nappy market, as we have shown in this best eco friendly nappies Uk.

> Check out the full range of Eco Friendly Nappies here <

I look forward to bringing you our next article looking at the best organic and environmentally friendly wipes. I will also be bringing you that in depth review of Tidoo nappies. Until then, remember it is always important to wash your hands before and after any nappy change, you may want to check out our Best organic hand wash of 2020 here. Also with every nappy change, may come the need to use a baby cream on their bottoms.

Check out Best organic baby creams here 

Please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments here. If you have used any of the brands above, please do share your experience here. As usual if you have any other brands you would recommend to future readers please let us know and we will look to review and share them.

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