Best Natural Organic Baby Clothes of 2020

Best natural organic baby clothes of 2020

We couldn’t be happier to introduce another new affiliate, Natural Collection. We have come across this company many times during my last years search for natural and organic wonderment for you, your baby and your home.

When we go in search of sourcing new companies we would love to recommend and share with you, our reader, we have very high standards, on the ethical, and environmentally friendly and sustainability front.

However, every time the most important measure is, do we love the products?, would we buy them ourselves?, and would we recommend them to our friends and family?. If the answer is yes then we shout about them here at Natural organic for babies, so you can share in the natural organic finds.

Natural Collection have a vision and one they strongly believe in. They believe in a no judgment approach to ethical and environmental retail. They embrace every one of you that want to go more environmentally friendly, whether that be one or two products, or those of you who are passionate enough to completely change the way you live completely.

They tell us they are here to support us all with our ethical purchasing. Natural Collection aim to empower you to make choices that are right for you and your family.

What we love about them is are committed to help you ‘buy what you believe’.

They source the best natural, fair trade, sustainable and environmental ethical companies and products and offer you a vast array and choice of environmentally goodness.

Offering something for everyone including Fashion, Home and Garden, Beauty, Cleaning and household, and they even do amazing organic groceries!.

As we all acknowledge, there is still a long way to go in order to make a more environmentally friendly and ethical consumerism part of the retail mainstream norm. However natural Collection (and us at Natural Organic for Babies), ask that we work together to each play our part in getting that message across the Uk and the world.

So today I am going to spread the message on the wonderful range of the best natural organic baby clothes at Natural Collection UK.

New born essentials

When you first dress your new born baby, there are two key items (besides a nappy) that you will no doubt be using. These two will become the staple of your precious baby’s first weeks.

They are the iconic baby grow and baby body suit. Believe me when I tell you, one of these are going to be on your baby every day (sometimes multiple times a day).

I would recommend for planning for around 3 body suits a day and two baby grows. You may be lucky and have no change days, or you might (like me) have the delight of a five outfit change day and beyond.

Obviously if you are happy to wash frequently you can cut back on the amount you buy, however I would recommend having at least 3 days worth, so six baby grows and nine baby suits.

It is important to know that if you are due to have a C-section, you may have an extended stay in hospital, so it is best to pack for at least five days.

Again if you have a partner or friends and family who can bring in clean clothes for you and baby, you may be able to pack slightly lighter.

When you give birth, the Midwife will clean up your baby and wrap them in a towel or blanket, allowing you to have skin on skin time. After that they (or your birthing partner) will put a nappy and a first outfit on them. Baby grows make the perfect first outfit.

A baby grow is the one with legs, and a good quality organic one of these, will keep your new baby comfortable, warm and they won’t irritate their incredibly sensitive skin.

Remember everything you put on your new born, is the first time their precious skin has been exposed to it, so I always recommend organic and natural for these.

I made the mistake when I was expecting Jack, to buy lots of very cute but very complicated outfits in a newborn size. Whilst these looked incredibly sweet, they were fiddly and difficult to put on and off, and Jack got incredibly irritated by it all.

I absolutely love the range and choice of natural organic baby grows and body suits available for your new born. In particular the ranges by Frugi, From babies with Love, Kite and Little Green radicals, who do some fabulous Eco graphic baby grows.

I particularly love the From babies with love range of organic baby grows that have matching organic swaddle blankets, available in duck, frog, rabbit and monkey designs.

I also love their organic baby grow and hat sets. How cute and functional is that!, I have to admit, I am a bit of a person who loves to match things.

This company has really caught my heart as well as my eye, as not only do they offer a lovely range of organic baby clothes, but they are a foundation who supports orphaned and abandoned children around the world! These really are the ultimate gift to the children of the earth.

I also really adore the Little Green Radicals range of baby grow with wonderful graphics like ‘Give peas a chance’, and ‘Locally produced’, and my particular favourite ‘wind farm’.

I could share pretty much most of the whole range of baby grows from Natural Collection, there is something about a baby grow that brings back wonderful memories of those first weeks and months with my babies.

Instead, I will let you discover your own favourites.

> ** Check out Natural Collections range of organic baby grows here ** <

> Check out Natural Collections range of organic baby body suits here ** <

T-shirts and Tops

Natural Collection offer a huge choice of T-shirts and tops for your baby.

From babies with love

From the wonderful simple range ‘From babies with love’, matching the baby grows I mentioned earlier with the frog, monkey, rabbit design. Here they also introduce a really cute penguin character to their graphic ensemble.

As mentioned the wonderful people at from babies with love, donate the profits from the sale of these clothes to their foundation that supports orphaned and abandoned children.

I personally love the vintage simplicity of their design, with the quality of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.


Kite offer a wonder array of bright and bold graphic t shirts, with both short and long sleeves. Many of the designs for the younger babies have a really handy popper design, which make getting the top on and off much easier.

With really cute characters and a lovely story to go with each one, these t shirts will really appeal to both you and your babies and toddlers. All Kite T-shirts are made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and are packaged in a recyclable plastic bag!.


I also love what frugi offers in their T-shirt range. Again being made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

They are also a company that champion all workers having rights and minimum wages. Frugi also donate 1 % of their turnover to chosen charities helping people all over the world!.

Their range is colourful and I particularly love their rainbow range. Frugi also have a wonderful bright range with different vehicle graphics.

I’m sure you will also find something you and your new baby will absolutely love.

> ** check out Natural Collections T-shirts and tops here ** <

Rompers and Dungarees

Rompers are perfect for the warmer summer months. I remember both Jack and Jessica loving their rompers, I think it was because of the freedom it gave them.

A romper has open feet and can have short or long legs and short or long arms, so can adapt to the weather and seasons.

Kite has some gorgeous rompers, I really like their bubble rompers for the summer months as they have no legs and are vest style sleeve. Again Kite make this in 100% certified organic cotton, making it really soft and comfortable for your baby. This also comes in a recyclable plastic bag.

Another style that I my two really loved wearing was the short sleeve romper.

Kite have a great range of designs ranging from a whale graphic to a strawberry. All perfect for the summer months or if you are taking your baby away on holiday somewhere nice and warm.

I loved this style of romper and had quite a few of them in different designs, as they were really easy to get on and off, with the popper at the neck, and really easy to do a quick nappy change, with the poppers around the nappy area.

The final romper style is a bit like a baby grow, but without the feet in.

Again mine loved these, especially Jack who was an incredibly sensitive baby when it came to fabrics and styles. He loved and felt comfortable in these. You just need to pair them with a cute pair of baby socks.

I loved the organic cotton knit rompers for the cooler days. Kite have some ultra cute designs including bears and sheep. These are everything you and your baby could want from a romper.

> ** check out Natural Collections full range of Romper here ** <

Dungarees are the perfect combo to a t shirt or baby suit. Again they don’t have the feet that baby grows have and they tend to have the traditional dungaree/over the shoulder design.

Natural Collection have an amazing choice of them. I really like their bright collection and their sheep or seersucker ones are so cute.

They are trendy and versatile. Most are really comfortable and are perfect for your baby when they start to move or crawl.

I have to be honest my son Jack did not like the stiffer denim style ones, he cried as soon as I put anything like that on him, however the organic cotton ones that were more flexible he absolutely loved.

I love that Kite offer matching designs and themes across their whole range making it really easy to mix and match.

> ** Check out the range of dungarees here ** <

Trousers and Shorts

These are going to be great to combine with T-shirts or your baby suits.

Both of my ‘babies’ were highly sensitive to all things but most of all their clothes (and still are at 10 and 13!).

So as much as I absolutely loved the design of the jeans and the chords or the chinos, neither of mine would tolerate them. The minute I put them on they would get irritated, uncomfortable and cry. Friend babies however, were quite happy to rock the cute jeans etc.

I also personally found joggers and tights easier to put on and much easier to negotiate nappy changes. But again this is a personal choice and you may be a dab hand at negotiating the jeans.

I adore the Frugi joggers and leggings that match their t shirts and knitwear perfectly (like I said, I am a bit of a matcher).

Jessica would also love joggers and leggings or just tights. I particularly love Kite’s range of organic leggings. These, again, are really nice and easy to get on a wriggling baby multiple times a day!

What I love about the Kite and Frugi range is that they are bright and bold and embrace really lovely character designs that every baby and toddler will love as much as you.

> ** Check out the natural collection range of organic baby trousers and shorts here ** <

Dresses and Skirts

When I had Jessica, I couldn’t wait to start shopping for lots of pretty organic baby dresses. There is something adorable about a baby dress.

The range at Natural Collection did not disappoint either, I was like a Mama in a candy shop!.

Unfortunately my girl is now nearly 11 and no longer into cute dresses, just crop tees and leggings (apparently). So I guess I’ll have to just share my loves and cute organic finds with you.

I am going to honest, I could quite easily rave about every single dress that the wonderful Kite and Frugi have to offer us, however 3 styles really stood out to me as those I would have loved back when Jessica was a baby (and Jessica would have too).

Kite’s Rainbow Hopscotch Mailibu Sun dress makes you want to have it, just from its name. Frugi’s wonderful reversible dress, and Kites range of bright fun t shirt dresses.all had me reaching for the buy button (until I stopped myself as I don’t have a baby anymore)

The first dress that really caught my eye, was one by Frugi, with their wonderful idea of a reversible dress. This therefore gives you two dresses in one. Worn alone or with a t-shirt under, it gives real versatility, which I loved.

Made from 100% organic cotton this dress is Vegan friendly, so perfect for us Eco conscious herbivores out there. Being a vegetarian I really care about the impact on animals that our consumerism has.

To have a wonderful organic baby dress that assures us no animals were harmed in its making, is wonderful!, and just made me love this even more!

Kites range of T-shirt style dresses are perfect for the summer months, paired with their fabulous high bright socks, I can see most baby girls really rocking this look and loving it.

> Check out natural collection’s wonderful range of organic dresses and skirts here ** <<

Knitwear and Jumpers

A good jumper or cardigan, can transform your baby’s summer outfit into one suitable for the cooler evenings or colder months, making your baby’s’s summer wardrobe last a few more seasons.

Natural Collection bring you some of Frugi and Kite’s wonderful colour, characters and organic quality knitwear. Kite brings you ‘happy hare’ and Frugi brings you Wilfred the dinosaur. Each company knowing that colour and character is what both you and your baby will love.

I remember both Jack and Jessica having favourite clothes and they were usually the ones with cute characters like these. To have this cute design combined with the softness and quality of organic materials, make me not be able to recommend them high enough.

> ** Buy Natural collection’s knitwear here ** <

Coats and Jackets

Unfortunately, we can’t get away from it in this country we tend to need a coat or jacket, even in the summer months you can never be sure it’s not going to rain or turn colder.

Obviously when your baby is new born, they are probably going to be wrapped up in your pushchair/pram or snuggled in a car seat or sling. But as your baby gets older they may need a jacket/coat or rain wear.
Toddlers love nothing (just like Peppa Pig) than jumping in muddy puddles and Natural Collection offer lovely all in one rain suits, that I know my two would have loved paired with a good pair of wellies.

With rain wear made from 100% recycled polyester you can still keep your children dry whilst keeping your environmentally friendly ethics.

Kite offer you the choice of jackets and coats, where not only environmental impact has been thought of, but they deliver style and quality too. Their coats are made from 100% organic cotton and fleece, or utilise recycled materials.

They also packaged all of their products in plastic that is recyclable. What more could you want from buying a children’s coat?

> ** Check out Natural Collections full range of children’s organic coats and jackets here ** <

Pyjamas and underwear

As your baby grows into a toddler they will move from baby grows and rompers to pyjamas.

Natural Collection offer you the same quality with a range of organic pyjamas for your growing baby.

What I really loved too, is that they have underwear for the potty training phase, but still with great bright cute designs.

This makes it so much more fun and easir to get a toddler to embrace potty training. Jessica absolutely loved her first pairs of ‘grown up pants’. and I am sure yours will love these too.

Baby Socks

There is something so cute and memorable about baby socks.

I remember when I was pregnant (and in the nesting stage), opening the top drawer in my nursery and seeing the tiny pairs of baby socks all folded up awaiting the arriving of their wearer.

Those little socks turn into bigger socks, those bigger socks, turn into ‘fashion accessories’ for the fussy toddler.

Natural Collection see you through all the sock stages with their usual organic goodness, allowing you to build your own memories with them. Occasionally an old baby sock will appear from nowhere in our house, and it just makes you pause and smile.

> ** Check out natural collection’s range of accessories here ** <




Final Thoughts

Whether you are at the nesting stage of your pregnancy, and getting ready for your beautiful baby to arrive, or whether your baby is here and is growing fast and in need of new organic clothing.

Natural Collection act as your organic market place. Saving you time and energy sourcing sustainable, organic and recycled goods, and of course saves you money on multiple companies postage fees!

You can be rest assured that your striving for a more environmentally friendly way to dress your baby will be met here.

> Check out Natural Collections Full Range of Natural Organic baby clothes here <

It has been a pleasure reviewing their site to find you my favourite pieces. With great quality and choice, I truly hope you love the range as much as I have loved reviewing them for you.

You may wish to also read our prevoius post ‘Best Eco Friendly nappies of 2020’ here, to get stocked up ready for your baby arriving, or to make that switch to a more environmentally conscious nappy for your baby.

Please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions here. If you purchase any of the clothes recommended or do shop at Natural Collection, please do leave a review below, these help our future readers. Much Love Sara and all at Natural Organic For Baby.

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  • Oh my gosh these are SO cute! The one with the crab is absolutely adorable.

    I also love this company’s mission to make sustainable clothing. It’s something that is so important to me and I love that you put everything together for me in one place.

    Now I have to wander off to find what size my friend’s kids wear so I can get some of these things!

    Thank it again for sharing!

    • Hi Marlena, thank you so much for visiting us and taking the time to comment. I am so pleased you found some items you loved. Enjoy shopping and should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You may also want to check out our post on Best Organic Natural Toys for babies here, too, enjoy being spoilt for choice in natural organic fun!

  • All of the baby clothing is so cute! Really helpful information for a beginner mom. I’ll let my friend know your website, she will love it! She loves natural organic stuffs especially for kids, this is very important to her. Thanks for your information!

    • Hi Katherine, I am so glad you found us. Please do forward our details to your friend and I hope you find something wonderful from the organic baby clothes selection. thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to comment, we really appreciate it.

  • Hi Sara, such a cute collection from a lovely website. I stumbled across your article as I was looking for a present. I love the mission of your website and I am glad someone is thinking about natural, organic baby clothes for our little ones. Everything here is beautiful. I do wish that we had choices like this when my kids were younger. I am sure I will find a wonderful gift in your suggestions, thank you

  • Hi Sara ,I stumbled across your post as I was looking for a present for a friend. I really like these clothes .They are soo cute and the fact that their are made naturally is awesome .I also agree with you ,babies could change clothing at least 5 times in a day and they grow fast .A cloth they wear today won’t fit them in 2 weeks. I am sure I will find the perfect gift here. Thank you for this wonderful article .

    • Hi Jim, I am so pleased you found us! and I hope you found the perfect gift for your friend. Like you say babies grow out of their clothes so quick, so a gift of some wonderful organic clothes will be gratefully received, I am sure. You may also want to check out our post on Best Organic Natural Toys, for some more lovely organic gift ideas. Many Thanks

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