Best organic baby blankets of 2020

organic baby blankets

A baby blanket is going to become one of your staples once your wonderful new baby arrives. I remember my washing line being a wonderful site of baby vests and baby grows and baby blankets, and us both saying ‘do you think the neighbourhood know we have a baby yet!’.

There are so many options of blanket for your baby and it can become quite overwhelming with what is best for baby, at what age etc. So we decided to research and find some of our favourite organic blankets and look into why going organic makes a difference and is so important to the environment, the planet and of course your new bundle of joy.

Why go organic?

As we have discussed in our post ‘The organic pregnancy’ there are a vast amounts of chemicals and pesticides and unnatural dyes that go into the production of our clothes and in this case blankets. This has a triple impact. Firstly in the growing of the cotton or bamboo, secondly in the production of the blanket, and then thirdly when it is being worn by your baby, and next to their skin for a good portion of the day.

The benefit of going organic is that when growing the cotton or bamboo etc, the harmful chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides or genetically modified organisms, are not used. So at the very outset of growth, the growers are not filling the environment with harmful substances and those harmful substances are not saturating the raw plant.

It is reported that cotton that has been conventionally grown uses more insecticides than any other crop in the entire world. By going organic these harmful toxins, that are dangerous to farmers, wildlife, plants (and in the end your baby), are not released into the atmosphere of our wonderful planet, that is struggling to regulate the damage us humans are doing. Yet the frightening statistic is that only one percent of all the cotton grown is organic.

Organic baby blankets tend to be made out of two plants, organic cotton or organic bamboo. Both make a wonderful soft fabric for your baby’s delicate new skin. Organic bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most sustainable plants, so makes it a wonderful choice for clothes and blankets.

In our article ‘Reducing the risk of SIDS’ (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) we highlighted the importance of keeping your baby’s temperature constant and in between 16-20 degrees Celsius (62-68 degrees F). Both organic cotton and bamboo offer great heat regulation, which is incredible important for your newborn.

Best organic baby blankets

All of our reviews and best of’s are written either from personal experience of owning the products or services, however we have not owned all the products we review. Where this is the case we conduct thorough research and analysis of the reviews written by others.

Little Blue Nest Organic cotton muslin dream quilt blanket

organic baby blanketsThis is a luxurious soft 4 layer organic muslin cotton quilt blanket, which has a larger size of 120 X 120 com. This means it will last from baby to toddler, saving you money on buying new blankets as your baby grows (which is quickly). This can be used as a topper blanket for your cot of crib or as an extra layer in the cooler months.

The wonderful thing about this quilt blanket is it can also be used as a surface for tummy time or as a play mat for your newborn. It can also be used as a snuggle surface for nappy changing, or for cuddling and playing. It makes a lovely comforter blanket too.
organic baby blankets
Little Blue Nest tell us that their blanket quilt is softer and thicker than non organic blankets because by growing without the nasty chemicals the cotton can retain more of its natural wax. This then makes it softer, smoother and safer for your baby’s tender delicate skin.

They tell us their lightweight organic muslin provides extra warmth but also helps to regulate your baby’s temperature and prevents the risk of overheating. Each quilt is hand folded and packed in their little workshop in Gloucestershire, in a beautiful presentation box, so this would be a perfect gift for any expectant parent or new baby.


  • Incredibly versatile and can be used for many things (saving you money)
  • Large size 120 X 120cm, so will last from baby to toddler years and beyond (saving you money)
  • Made from the finest pre-washed organic cotton muslin. Better for the environment, kinder to your babies skin
  • Machine washable and easy to care for. Will keep its shape and softness wash after wash. In fact Little Blue Nest tell us it will get softer the more you wash it!
  • Comes in two designs Long ear bunny and Little Robin so will fit most girl/boy/unisex nurseries


  • Extra Thick, great benefit in the cooler months might be a bit warm for hotter months.

Disana Organic Merino Wool baby blanket

Organic baby blanketsMade with 70% organic merino wool and 30% silk. Can be used as a blanket or for swaddling. Size 80cm X 100cm. Reviewers loved this blanket stating it was incredibly soft and regulated their baby’s temperature well/


  • Organic Wool so no chemicals used to produce this blanket making it better for the environment and your babies skin
  • Pure and natural
  • The organic wool functions as a temperature regulator


  • Has to be hand washed with specialist wool detergent, could be a bit inconvenient if needing to be washed frequently

MeZooMe 100 percent organic cotton summer blanket

organic baby blanketsMeZooMe have produced this really fun, colourful blanket, which they state has been manufactured from the best materials. their design is all about young, fun, innovative and bright characters. This two layered baby blanket is perfect for those warmer summer days.

On one side their unique pattern design and on the other side it has one of three solid colours to choose from (Turquoise, Coral and Gray) Made with 100% organic cotton. Machine washable. Size 83cm X 100cm


  • Eco Friendly two layered blanket, made with no chemicals and pesticides so better for the planet and your baby.
  • Made from100% organic Egyptian cotton resulting in a very soft blanket, perfect for your baby’s new delicate skin.
  • All the dyes used to make this blanket are AZO free and water based.
  • Machine Washable for convenience
  • The blanket comes with a matching multipurpose fabric bag for easy storage.
  • Super soft be great as a comfort blanket
  • Really fun design


  • None

Minky Moo Baby blanket made from 100% organic cotton

organic baby blanketsThis cuddly knitted blanket is ideal as your baby’s first blanket. Lovely simple design which is available in blue and pink colour options. This premium, organic cotton has been carefully processed and manufactured according to Oeko-tex 100 standard. The organic cotton makes a very breathable material which is great for your new baby’s ability to regulate their temperature at night. The blanket texture is slightly elastic so makes it ideal as a puck blanket. Also, perfect as a pram blanket, at home, or in the car seat.Organic baby blankets

Size 90 X 70cm



  • Minky Moo tell us their blanket is high quality made from natural organic cotton. Great for the environment and wonderfully soft on your baby.
  • Has a slightly elastic texture so great as a puck blanket, and versatile enough to be used summer, and winter
  • Great for use in your baby’s cot, pram, car seat or just while you are having a cuddle.
  • Would make a great gift
  • Packed in an environmentally friendly paper bag.



Moon and Baby multi functional essential receiving baby blanket

organic baby blanketsMoon and Baby tell us that their blanket is designed to be multipurpose for you to use on the go with your baby, whether in a pram or car seat. It is made with organic cotton so that you and your baby can snuggle in a soft snugly blanket.

Organic cotton has a breathable weave, so makes it perfect for keeping your baby warm in winter or cool during the warmer months. Great for use as a blanket or for swaddling in the early months, or great for when an extra layer is needed. The beauty of blankets is you can layer or take off as your baby needs or the temperature changes.

Size 30 ” X 30 ”

You get two blankets in each set!


  • Made from certified organic cotton, great for the environment and super soft on your baby’s skin, with no harmful chemicals.
  • Multi function every day use and with two blankets makes it great for a use one, wash one situation. Or perfect for colder months or times when you may wish to double layer.
  • Great for swaddling and snuggling.
  • Make a fantastic gift as comes with a tube with a stork on it, beautifully packaged!


  • Price – This set is more expensive than others on the list, however you are getting two organic blankets for this price so actually works out good value.

Burt’s Bees baby 2 piece Organic Blankets

Organic baby blanketsYou may have heard of Burt’s bees organic baby toiletries. We have reviewed many here at natural organic for baby. However, i never knew they, made blankets. This very exciting as I love the ethics of this company. They really embrace organic and sustainable sourcing and production.

They are offering this two blanket organic set in a heather grey colour. Size 29 ” X 29″. Burt’s Bees tell us that their blankets have been happily grown and made with your little bee in mind. They are earth friendly being 100% organic, Responsibly made with GOTS certification. By being combed and ring spun these blankets are super soft.


  • Great for your baby’s delicate soft skin, being 100% organic, has no chemicals that can come into contact with your baby.
  • Organic makes these blankets super soft
  • Burts Bees tells us these will last wash after wash. Which lets face it, a baby blanket is going to be in a washing machine quite often!
  • Being organically made means it is better for farmer, the earth and of course you and your baby
  • GOTS certified 100% organic (gives you the peace of mind their organic claims are backed up with certification)


  • More expensive price but again here you are getting 2 blankets,
  • Quite a thin design and many reviewers commented that they were much thinner than they thought
  • Some reviewers commented that the blankets are showing some wear after being washed a lot.

The Little Green Sheep Organic Knitted Cellular Blanket

organic baby blankets
We have reviewed some Little Green sheep products before, namely their organic baby mattresses. Again this is a company whose environmental and sustainable ethics have impressed us here. So it was wonderful to discover this organic blanket.
organic baby blankets

The Little Green Sheep tell us their blanket is breathable and soft and lightweight so it will gently mould to your baby keeping them safe and cosy all year round. Certified 100% organic cotton, giving you the peace of mind no chemical residue will be coming into contact with your baby, and the blanket will be soft on your baby’s delicate skin.

SIZE 75 X 75 cm


  • 100% certified organic cotton (great for the environment and your baby)
  • Breathable and lightweight so great for regulating your baby’s temperature, giving you peace of mind they won’t overheat.
  • Machine washable a 30 degrees
  • would make a great gift as it comes with a ‘With Love’ tag
  • Lovely neutral colour so great for any gender or unisex decor.


  • NONE

Isla + Fraser Organic cotton cellular blanket

organic baby blankets
Isla + Fraser have made this beautifully knitted certified organic blanket. They tell us their organic cotton has been grown without using pesticides or heavy chemicals which makes this blanket soft and gentle for your baby’s skin. Again breathable so helps regulate your baby’s temperature which is incredibly important for preventing them overheating.
organic baby blankets

This blanket is a generous size of 70cm X 90 cm which makes it really versatile for you and your baby., and ideal for using for prams, Moses baskets cots or on the move in your car seat.


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Breathable and soft
  • Machine Washable at 30 degrees C
  • Unisex bespoke design
  • Tied with a delicate Isla + Fraser Ribbon making it a great gift as nicely presented
  • Versatile and multifunctional



Wallaboo Baby blanket Noa

organic baby blanketsWallaboo Baby inform us that their 100% organic blanket is warm, beautiful and versatile. It is superb quality and suitable from newborn and up. Can be machine washed for convenience. As it is a really good size 70 cm X 90 cm it provides you with versatility. Can be used as a nighttime snuggle blanket, wrap or for swaddling.

This wonderful blanket comes with a choice of eight colours Silver, Green, Grey, blue, red, white and taupe. We are showing the pink option in our picture (just click link and change colour option), but you really will find a colour that matches your nursery decor or gender/unisex theme.


  • Unisex design that will look lovely in your nursery
  • Multipurpose size that looks handmade
  • 100% pure organic cotton
  • choice of 8 colour options


  • None

Minky Moo Baby blanket made from 100% organic cotton

organic baby blanketsThis lovely organic cotton blanket gives you the versatility to use as a first bedspread for your cot or as a baby cuddly blanket. Gives you a really soft breathable blanket to help regulate your baby’s temperature and stop them overheating.

organic baby blankets
This blanket will be great for most times you need a blanket but is so soft it would be perfect as a baby cuddle blanket.

Minky Moo give you the option of four designs we are showing the pink design (just click on link and change option) Comes in pink, blue, red and birdy blue.


  • 100% Organic cotton
  • Safe for baby from newborn to toddler
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees in wool wash cycle
  • Free of chemicals and pesticides
  • Oeko-Tex standard 100 (class1 -baby)
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile standard)



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Final Thoughts

All of the organic baby blankets above are all highly recommended by reviewers, it was hard to find any negative reviews about any of them. When I had My two I had about 5 Blankets 3 cellular style ones and two quilted ones. Mind you, you can never have enough blankets. There will always be that favourite blanket that you wished you had bought multiple of. In fact many of the reviewers of these blankets stated they had 3 or 4 of the same blanket!

A good quality organic baby blanket will last you for years, I had many that I used for my first baby jack and then for my second Jessica too, and each of them has a favourite blanket that gets dragged out when they are ill. Many of them are now used by Jessica for her dolls, so thats a good 12 years use already. Great value I’d say.

I personally combined my organic baby blankets with a swaddle (for newborn) and a baby sleeping bag (for when they start wriggling).

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I hope this article has been of vlaue to you and you find the perfect natural and organic baby blankets for you and your wonderful new baby. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask them down below. If you do purchase any of these blankets do please leave us a review or comment. Or if you too have any advice for our future readers please feel free to leave it here.


4 thoughts on “Best organic baby blankets of 2020

  • Hi Sara:

    This is a great website with a great story for going organic!

    I fell in love with the pink, white, and gray Minky Moo Baby Blanket, which is the color theme for a new addition to our family. Unfortunately, it does not ship to the USA.

    Anyone visiting your website will be impressed with the quality of the products described here.


    • Hi Veron, Thank you so much for visiting and thank you so much for your comment. Yes those blankets are a particular favourite of mine too. Unfortunately those do only ship to the UK,but I will double check if the company do have international shipping for you.

  • Hi Sara,
    I wanted several iformations about the organic blankets on internet and I must admit that I have found all of them at your website, I have baby twins and I realy nedd something that is naturaly because one of them has very sensitive skin!
    How long can my kids use the blankets, until 3 years old or longer?

    Thank you

    • Thanks so much for visiting, and I hope you found some beautiful blankets for your twins. I have found my baby blankets are still being used and my two children are now 12 and 10! so I am sure you will also get years of use out of any of these beautiful organic baby blankets. If you babies have sensitive skin, you may also wish to read our review on our best organic baby bath products and our Best organic baby cream of 2019. Both of these articles will guide you how to find products that will not irritate or put harmful chemicals onto your precious twins sensitive skin. Hope they help, and I hope you and your twins love your new organic baby blankets. Many thanks Sara

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