Best Organic Natural Baby Toys of 2020

best organic natural baby toys

From birth, your baby may have some form of comforter, teddy or as they get older and their curiosity awakens they may move onto soft books and building blocks.

Whatever your baby’s age, toys are going to become a very important part of your baby’s life.

Toys can play an important role in comforting your baby and making them feel safe secure and loved. Toys also provide wonderful ways for you to bond with your baby. They also become important teaching and learning tools.

But above all, they encourage your baby to develop their own natural element of play and fun. Play is one of the key ways your baby and toddler is going to grow and develop and discover themselves and the world.

Your baby’s toys can also become play mates and best friends. Anyone who has watched the movie Toy Story knows that toys and dolls and teddies, awaken a childs imagination and open up a whole imaginative world of delight. Children build worlds not only with toys, but in their minds too.

As your child grows these toys remain in their hearts sometimes forever.

My two are now 13 and 11 and they still have their ‘snuggle bears’ and a bed full of their old teddies. We have cupboards of characters, building blocks and train sets, that they can’t bear to let go of, so they just sit there, in the attic, just like the toys in Toy Story.


From newborn, your baby is going to fall in love with a toy. This toy will no doubt become their friend for life. Every child has one. Sometimes the favourite toy family expands to include a tight nit circle of toys and teddies around your baby, but there will always be that one favourite toy.

I found mine loved teddies, anything crinkly or with a blanket attached, and they loved their rattles.

Pretty much everything is going to be rubbed on your baby’s face or put in your baby’s mouth. So it becomes key at the new born/toddler stage for the toys you introduce to be natural, organic and non-toxic, as every toy will be chewed and dribbled on, over and over.

I particularly love these gorgeous handmade fair trade rattles, that come in a rainbow, cloud or octopus design. Crocheted with love, they are the perfect ethical first toy for your baby.

These are handmade in Bangladesh, and this changes the lives of women there, allowing them to remain in their villages with their families, as the company gives them fair flexible working. Suitable from birth, these cute rattles will be loved by both you and your baby!

As I said before my two absolutely loved, in fact adored their blanket snuggle toys. So I wanted to find you and your baby something similar.

I found this wonderful Bunny who is even labelled ‘Baby’s first friend’! Made with 100% GOTS organic cotton cuddle bunny by Wee Gallery, will make a wonderful ethical addition to your family. It is machine washable (believe me you will be grateful for that), and suitable for vegan families.

I loved the super soft material, but also the black and white pattern is incredibly stimulating for your baby.

I also know your baby will love the different textures and the tied knots to hold with their little hands. I am sure your baby will fall in love from day one.

Wee Gallery also have a wonderful panda crinkle toy. Crinkle toys will become a firm favourite of your baby.

They love not only the feel of the toy, but these stimulate sight and listening. With 100% GOTS certified cotton and crinkle paper filling, I know your baby will reach for this toy again and again.

Organic Soft Toys

Soft toys are going to become a loyal friend to your baby and a fixture in their nursery and around your home.

I particularly love these soft toys by Fabelab, which are made from super soft organic cotton and natural corn filling. These ‘Buddy’s’ are machine washable and the Fox and Bunny options make them a wonderful alternative to the traditional bear.

I also really loved this knitted mammoth rattle, I don’t know why but he reminded me of Manny from the Ice Age movies (films I had to watch 100’s of times with Jack and Jessica).

He is an adorable prehistoric soft rattle from Best Years. Made using 100% ethically sourced knitted acrylic, this endearing mammoth is suitable from birth.

He even pacifies your baby by making a rattling sound. I know this delightful mammoth will make an ideal first friend for your new born child.

So Pure Sophie La Girafe

Sophie La Girafe is going to become a character that both you and your baby adore. She has been an iconic toy for babies for over 50 years.

First made in France in 1961, this cute giraffe is designed to stimulate your baby’s five senses.

Sophie has been made lovingly with 100% natural rubber, which is phthalate-free and derived from the sap of the Havea tree.

Sophie has flexible, renewable and natural materials, whilst her non-toxic food grade paint make her perfect and safe for your baby to chew on. This also makes her suitable from birth.

Sophie La Girafe is presented in a ‘Once upon a time’ gift box made from recyclable materials making her the absolute perfect gift, she also includes a card for you to send to the receiver!.

Sophie has been top rated by reviewers for over fifty years and she still tops the toy charts. She will (I am sure) find a special place in yours and your baby’s hearts.

Since her humble beginnings, Sophie La Girafe has expanded her toy range to include a natural rubber pacifier, iconic teething toys, cubes and balls, and a bath toy that I know your baby will love. As your child grows Sophie La Girafe offers your child a Senso ball.

All of these toys are made with the same care and ethics as the original icon. With 100% natural rubber, non-toxic, food grade paint. You can be rest assured that not only are they safe for your baby but they are safe for the planet too.

Each toy has been expertly designed with your baby’s enjoyment, comfort and enjoyment in mind. These toys will provide you and your baby many hours (and years) of fun and love.

Every one comes in a gift box with a ribbon or card, so if you are looking for the perfect new baby present this would be on my list.

> Check out So Pure Sophie La Girafe range here <

Natural Wooden Toys

I absolutely love wooden toys. I don’t know if it because they remind me of my childhood, or just the ‘organic-ness’ of them.

This good old faithful toy, that have been around since the beginning of toys, will make a perfect addition to your baby’s toy box.

I particularly love these Nautical nesting cubes From babies with Love. They feature a family of Angel fish, a light house, numbers, shapes and colours and will help your toddler learn through play.

This award-winning toy comes in a recycled and recyclable box that you can keep to store them in. Suitable from 12 months old, these sustainable BPA free blocks will become a firm favourite of any child.

From babies with love also donate the profits from this to their foundation that supports abandoned and orphaned children around the world!

Again from 12 months, Petit Collage also bring you some wonderful traditional building blocks made from FSC certified wood and a non-toxic water based paints.

They feature numbers letters, patterns, and cute illustrations like koalas, pandas and ice cream. These are bright fun and will provide hours of play.

For the older toddler (18 months plus), they can start to build with Petit Collage’s animal town wood blocks.

Made with the same care and environmental ethics, these expand your child’s hand eye coordination and building skills, whilst expanding imagination and design.

They also offer an adorable stacking bunny that every child will love. Again from 12 months and above this wood bunny who comes from sustainable sources, will delight all with its lovely colours, patterns and ability to allow your child to build and mix and match the pieces.

Recycled Toys

As we all know, it is a fact that the majority of the mainstream baby and children’s toys are made from single use plastic.

We have discussed so much how detrimental to our planet this is, and yet it remains one of the most used resources to manufacture and make things in the toy market.

Although many of us keep toys for second/third children, or donate to friends, family or charities, much of the unwanted toys get thrown into the rubbish and end up in land fill. Each time a new toy is needed, one is disposed of, another made.

We have become a throwaway society, mainly thanks to how quickly and cheaply toys can be made nowadays.

However, what is the real cost?, Our babies need a planet to grow on, and I am often left thinking, do we want those babies to see blue oceans or a shore of rubbish and discarded plastic?

Do we what them to see dolphins and birds or just learn about these animals that once lived before we polluted their habitat.

This is why Green Toys caught my eye, with their range of toys made from 100% recycled plastic.

They are free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates. They come packaged in recycled and recyclable packaging and are even dishwasher safe!.

From Stacking cups that will be played with for hours either dry or in the bath, to sorting shape, cars and submarines, Green toys will provide hours and hours of sheer delight for your child

> Check out Green toys range here <

Natural Pull Along Toys

As soon as your toddler has started to crawl or have got on two feet and learnt to walk, they will love nothing more than a pull along toy.

One of my favourite brands, From Babies With Love offer their wonderful duck family pull along which is made from sustainable wood. It consists of a really cute little family of ducks, a mother duck and her two chicks. Suitable from 12 months plus, this will entertain and delight most toddlers.

With profits from this toy going to the From Babies with Love foundation supporting orphaned and abandoned children around the world!

Petit Collage also have their cool jumping jumbo elephant wood pull toy. He is a really cute elephant made from FSC certified wood and painted in no-toxic paint and varnish.

Designed to encourage your child’s motor skills and balance, it jumps and sways its ears as it is pulled along, really encouraging your child to get moving. Suitable for 18 months plus, this ;little elephant will truly delight without harming the planet.

Plan Toys have also caught my eye with their two little pull along characters.

With the choice of a cute rabbit or alligator and made from sustainable wood these two will really entertain your toddler. The alligator also wags dances across the floor as he is pulled, moving his head up and down and making a funny clacking sound noise that your child will really love.

Learning To Build

What child doesn’t like building with building bricks? BiOBUDDi offers you an Eco alternative to the mainstream building bricks.

Their Eco Blocks are made from the leftovers of a sugar cane plant. They are sustainable and Eco-friendly.

They can also be recycled the same as polyethylene recycling. Packaged in FSC certified cardboard, this company is really going the extra environmentally friendly mile.

These blocks come in a variety of choice including just the blocks, animals, scenes, characters.

Building with BiOBUDDi helps to encourage children to develop vital creative, social, emotional and motor skills. It also stimulates their development by building a creation together or by doing a fun sorting activity.

Suitable for 18 months plus, these will really bring lots of fun, development and helps the environment too.

> Buy BiOBUDDi’s Eco Blocks here <

Natural Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have come a long way since I was little. I remember them being pretty bog standard. Nowadays Jigsaws come in lots of bright colours and with many lovable characters.

With Jigsaw puzzles like Mudpuppy ‘Puzzle to Go’, you can have puzzles that you can take with you when traveling or visiting friends.

I particularly love Petit Collage’s Little lion chunky wood puzzle, and I am sure your little one will love it too. Made from Fsc certified wood it comes with 5 chunky pieces, perfect for little hands and minds.

Suitable for 18 months plus. You also have the peace of mind that it is made with sustainable PDF and non-toxic paint and varnish.

I also really love the Lanka Kade range of wooden number jigsaws.

These are beautifully hand crafted wooden jigsaws that can stand up and be displayed when made.

They help your child to learn numbers and colours and are incredibly cute, coming in options of a dog, giraffe, hedgehog, crocodile and tiger.

When you buy a Lanka Kade product, you also support their educational foundation that provides books and daily milk to rural schools in Sri Lanka.

Lanka Kade have direct relationships with their producers and regularly go to Sri Lanka to make sure fair trade practices are always being met.

They ensure workers have equal pay and are committed to ensuring their workers have job satisfaction. What better cause than that to support by buying a wonderful puzzle!

Fair Trade Dolls

Lanka Kade also make some wonderful fair trade dolls that I have really fallen in love with.

They remind me of a doll I had many years ago. In a traditional rag doll design, made from soft hand loomed cotton by fair trade producers in Sri Lanka.

This doll is made from cotton with a polyester filling and acrylic hair. Lanka Kades ethnic dolls are designed to reflect multi-cultural society we live in today. They help educate your children whilst having fun too.

The doll is super cuddly and suitable from birth, also children will love that the clothes are removable and interchangeable.

These have scored top marks with all reviewers with them saying they ‘loved them’ and they made ‘a brilliant present’

> Check out the full range of Lanka Kade Fair Trade Dolls here <

Natural role-play for toddlers

Role play toys become a key point in the development of your child and their own interpretation of the world they live in.

I remember my daughter Jessica loving her play kitchen and all the cups and pots and pans she had for it. She also loved Playing schools or doctors, or pretty much anything where she could imitate the grown up world.

My son Jack was more of a get the spoons and pots and pans out of our kitchen cupboard. His favourite toys for some time, were these two plastic salad server spoons we had.

We even had to take them on holiday to the Dominican Republic and he sat by the pool at one years old, mixing his spoons in a big plastic bowl.

This is why I love Green Toys recycled tea set. It allows your child to invite all their friends ‘to tea’, with a 17 piece Eco friendly child’s tea set.

Made from recycled milk bottles and free from BPA and Pthlatates. This set is also dishwasher safe, allowing you to keep in nice and clean and sanitised. Reviewers also loved this set, all giving it top rated marks!

> Check out the full range of Green Toys here <

I also really loved Plan Toys role-play sets, that come in options for doctors, tool belt, and dentist set.

These toys are made from sustainable reclaimed rubber wood and Plywood.

The dentist set is a great way of teaching children about the importance of looking after their teeth.

I am sure they are going to love going round checking yours and their teddies teeth. . The doctors set includes blood pressure monitor and stethoscope again allowing them the play and pretend at being a doctor.

Suitable for 3 and over, these sets will really keep your child entertained for hours. I know mine would have absolutely loved them.

> Buy Plan Toys role-play sets here <

Getting Creative

My final category in my Best organic natural baby toys is getting creative.

All children love to draw and colour and make things. That’s why Mudpuppy’s activity rolls really caught my eye. They come in the options of Unicorn, Dinosaur and around the world.

They include 10 feet of a fun filled roll of colouring activities including pictures, mazes, spot the difference and many more activities.

The pages have perforations for each activity, meaning its easy to share with multiple children. It comes with 5 brightly coloured pencils.

The packaging of this fun filled roll of creativeness is made from 80% recycled paper, and is 100% recyclable.

Printing with no-toxic inks. Suitable for 3 and above, this will keep your toddlers and children entertained and give you a little bit of quiet time!

My final recommendation is something that my two spent whole afternoons playing with and that is play dough.

Green toys have come up with their own version allowing you to have the same fun, but with the reassurance that this is made with simple ingredients like flour and mineral based colourant.

These allow your child to mould and build and sculpt anything in their little imaginations. These make a great organic, Eco-friendly alternative to the mainstream version.



Final Thoughts

I have really loved remembering the toys that my two loved, it has bought back many hours of happy memories. I have tried to be as honest with what they really loved to play with and give you recommendations accordingly.

However every child and parent are individual, so I hope you love all of these toys as much as I do.

> Check out full range of organic natural baby toys here <

It is so lovely to see baby and childrens toys go back to the iconic things I knew and loved when I was a child. These are timeless and childrena nd babies love them.

Whilst I appreciate technology is here you can’t beat a building block or snuggle toy. These will be embedded in your child’s memories, on theirs beds and in their toy boxes for years to come.

What is so wonderful, is that all of these greats can now come in a more orgnaic and natural way of production and sourcing.

All of the companies I have recommended and love, are fair trade, use recycled and sustainable materials where possible and also care about the people and communities who make these toys. That in itself is worth switching to these organic natural baby toys.

Please feel free to write any comments or ask any questions here. If you do purchase or already own any of these toys, please leave your opinions and experiences too, they help our future readers.

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  • Now, this is a list of toys! I have been looking for organic toy ideas and I could not find a decent sized list. I really don’t know how I landed on your site but thank you for the many options and especially the “full range of organic baby toys”. Thank you for the many options, Sara!

    • Hi John, I am so glad we could help. With such a crowded market for baby and toddler toys it can sometimes be hard to find quality natural and organic ones. I am so pleased our post and the full selection of toys has helped. I hope you find lots of ideas here. Should you purchase any of them, please do stop back and let us know what you thought. Your opinions and experiences are invaluable to future readers. Have fun playing!

    • Thanks for stopping by Paul and for your appreciation for our post. Yes it is hard to let go of those childhood friends. I hope you maybe add one of these organic beauties to her collection.

  • Hi Sara,

    Great reading about all the eco friendly toys! I imagine that the soft toys would be good for being hypo-alergenic as well?

    My partner is 34 and she still cuddles into her polar bear teddy soother at night haha.

    Not only humans are the same, my cat has her own little teddies she rests her head on in her many hiding holes.

    I always try to gift unwanted toys also. Do you think that more should be done to try and collect unwanted toys for reuse?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Alan, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on our Organic toy post. Yes organic and natural toys are much better for those who suffer with allergies, or have skin conditions too. I too still have a polar bear teddy from when I was younger! I love your unwanted toys suggestion, this may be something we will look at in the future, once the global pandemic and fear of COVID-19 is over. Obviously at the moment it is difficult, but a wonderful thought for the future, we will put it in our post COVID-19 list. Thank you

  • Brilliant article to read, found it interesting to the point of commenting on how great a read I actually found it, well done and keep up the good work.
    This I have book marked for reference to it in the future!
    Thanks Jason

    • Thanks Jason, we are so pleased you enjoyed it so much. Hope you find some great organic toys. Should you purchase any please do pop back and leave a review of your own experience and finds, it is so valuable to future readers. Wishing you all the best, and should you have questions, queries or comments when you revisit your bookmark, do not hesitate to get in touch!

  • Some of these look great. Two of my friends just recently gave birth. I will share this post with them. They live in the UK. If I am looking to get them a gift, could I get any of these shipped to them?

    • Hi, Yes you can get any gift shipped directly to your friends. a lot of people in quarantine and isolation have been doing this. I hope you find the perfect gift that they love and I am so pleased our post has helped you to do this. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact.

  • Thank for this article. As a grandmother, I’m always looking for toys that will foster learning skills! I especially liked the 3-D jigsaw puzzles!

    In regards to your comment about children not wanting to throw away their old toys…I was recently at my sons house and was amused to see his daughter playing with a 30+ year old stuffed rabbit that was my son’s closest friend in his younger days!

    • Hi Cynthia, thank you so much for visiting us. I hope your grand daughter loves the 3-d jigsaws. It was also lovely to hear the story of her playing with your son’s 30+ year old stuffed rabbit. Our children seem to pick up on the love we had for our old toys. A really lovely story that has made us all smile here. Please do pop back and let us know yours and your Grand daughters thoughts on the puzzles, it would really help future readers.

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