Best Pushchairs of 2020

best Bugaboo Pushchairs of 2020

I recently discovered in detail the Bugaboo pushchairs and their range whilst researching for my review of their wonderful Bugaboo Fox 2 pushchair/pram. I had been in search of any pushchairs on the market that took sustainability seriously or who could offer you a natural and organic way to transport your precious new babies.

What I discovered was the truly innovative and conscious Bugaboo range. This company is passionate about reducing their footprint, and whilst they admit, ‘We are not perfectly sustainable yet‘, They do assure us they have made a good start.

They intend to move forward with their sustainability by optimising their practices and reducing their footprint. How do they intend to do this? Bugaboo tell us they intend to make pushchairs that are ‘built for long life cycles’. They make their pushchairs with the vision in mind, that they will be used by more than just one child. Whether that be that you have more than one baby, or whether you sell onto a new loving home. The bugaboo pushchairs are renowned for holding their value and are incredibly sort after on the second hand resale market.

Bugaboo makes all of their pushchairs in their own factory, so that they can ensure not only a quality product, but also a safe, fair and humane production process. The company assure me, their pushchairs are easy to replace parts, refresh fabrics and update accessories, meaning they can keep the same pushchair in circulation and excellent working order for years to come.

Bugaboo tell us that their pushchair range are ‘Made for children, designed for parents’. What does this mean? When I bought my first pushchair for my son Jack. It was a glorious thing. Jack was incredibly safe and comfortable. However, this pushchair was huge and very bulky and heavy. So for me, a mother who had just had a C-section, it was incredibly difficult and painful to use. I also needed a degree in engineering just to get the thing up and down. Then came the judgment day of realising it didn’t even fit in the boot of the car!

Bugaboo have thought of all of these issues of the past. Most of us have traded our cars for small more economic, more Eco conscious models, meaning they come with much smaller boots. Bugaboo have made their pushchairs really easy to put up and down, and transport, and they fit in most cars (obviously check the dimensions, against your boot size).

The other really important function of the pushchair is to get you and your baby out and about, whether that be shopping, meeting friends for a coffee, taking baby to a mother and baby group, or just a lovely stroll around a park. Let’s face it, your pushchair is going to have to tackle many surfaces, and live up to a lot.

Can it fit into doorways easily?, is it easy to negotiate through crowded shops and supermarkets? Can it handle rough terrain of pavements, or if you like to off-road, is it going to give your baby a smooth ride, when they have just drifted off to sleep?. Bugaboo pushchairs deliver this in leaps and bounds, whilst also giving you the parent, the choice of some wonderful accessories just for you, like their cup holders and bags to match the pushchair.

Bugaboo strive to give you the ‘best driving experience’. Like I said before, if you are a new Mum who has just given birth, you need your pushchair or pram to be easy to push. Bugaboo reassure you that they have fitted their pushchairs with ‘the best possible wheels anyone will ever own’. They tell us their wheels will conquer any terrain whether it be cobblestones or sand, they are engineered to keep you moving.

Best Bugaboo Pushchairs 2020
One of the major feed backs I get about this range, is that ‘it is expensive’. However, whenever I get that comment it is always followed by ‘but the cost is worth it’. With a company that puts ‘innovation in their DNA‘, it is easy to see why such work deserves the higher price ticket.

Bugaboo are about pushing boundaries, whilst still giving you style, maneuverability, function, quality and a pushchair that is going to be an investment. For your baby it offers comfort and safety and a smooth ride. They take into consideration that your new baby is going to grow into a toddler, and they design their pushchairs with that in mind, ensuring that all they promise for a baby is delivered for your heavier and bigger toddler too!

Let’s get back to sustainability. We know as humans it is time for change. Our planet is not going to be able to allow us to continue to mindlessly consume, use resources and dump and discard products. We have to all do our bit for the environment and the climate. This starts by being more mindful and aware of what we are buying, how long it will last, how it has been made, and how we dispose of it when we are finished.

It is a sad fact that millions of pushchairs and prams end up in landfill sites every year. Pushchairs and prams have a finite usage span. Bugaboo solves this by making their pushchairs to last, and being very sort after in both the new and second hand markets, I don’t think we will see many of these piled in the landfill. They are also often made with a new resource and lots of materials. Bugaboo have tackled this issue by making their fabrics out of recycled Plastic PET bottles!

So lets take a look of what they have to offer:

Bugaboo Ant Ultra Compact Stoller

The Bugaboo Ant has really been designed to be your greatest travel companion. It has been designed for parents on the move and who love to travel. The Ant is the lightest in the range, but that doesn’t mean they have compromised on features or comfort. The Bugaboo Ant also won The Green Choice Innovation award earlier this year!

Best Bugaboo pushchairs of 2020
  • Width 40.08cm
  • Stroller weight with seat 7.2 Kg
  • Folded dimensions 23 X 38 X 55 cm
  • Front wheel diameter 12 cm
  • rear wheel diameter 15 cm

Even though this model is incredibly light and compact, it can still be used from baby to toddler. The bugaboo Ant is also accepted as carry on luggage by most airlines! and has a pull along trolley feature, to be able to be rolled easily through airports or stations. How amazing is that!. There is nothing worse than traveling with a baby or toddler and having to check in the pushchair, to then have to carry your baby through customs, airport or a station.

Oh how I wish this pushchair had been available when my daughter was young. She was not good on airport days, she didn’t like to walk and she found the whole experience incredibly scary. We had to check in our pushchair and this made transporting hand luggage and a crying 3-year old incredibly stressful. I think I remember crying as I sat on the plane, vowing to never go on holiday again. This pushchair would have saved all of that drama.


  • Perfect as a travel stroller or second stroller for older child
  • Carseat compatable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Folds in one piece to a super compact size
  • Has a pull along trolley mode
  • All wheel suspension for a really smooth ride
  • Seat that reclines into three different positions
  • reversable seats, with parent facing or world facing views
  • You can adjust the height of the handlebar
  • You can push and steer with one hand
  • rear luggage basket holds up to 5kg
  • Under seat basket holds up to 3kg

The Bugaboo Ant comes in a choice of colours and options. The premium soft pink and grey melange sun canopy’s are made from recycled materials and feature a peek-a-boo window.

Bugaboo Grey Malin

You can enhance your Bugaboo Fox2, BugabooCameleon 3, Bugaboo Donkey 3, and Bugaboo Bee models with this wonderful breezy sun design canopy.

Best Bugaboo Pushchairs of 2020
These Breezy Sun canopy’s have been designed with summer fun in mind. It transforms your Bugaboo pushchair into a real holiday pushchair, with its beach and sea design.

Made to keep your child and baby protected and to provide shade, it also allows you to create optimal airflow during those hot summer days. It also comes with a UPF 50+ sun protection rate.

Featuring breezy mesh panels throughout, it really helps to keep your bay or toddler cool, whilst also allowing you to stay connected with, and keep an eye on, them.


  • Mesh Panel windows throughout
  • Integrated Mesh panels create optimal airflow to keep baby cool on hotter days
  • Zip out window in front
  • UPF 50+ sun protection rate
  • Protects your baby from all weather elements all year round
  • Available in different colours
  • Machine washable
  • Great option to give your stroller a fresh new-look.

What a great way to refresh and revive a stroller you already own. This is how Bugaboo extend the longevity of your pushchair. They offer a way to switch up the design for the seasons, whilst also allowing new features for the hotter months. This would be particularly good for if you are taking your pushchair on holiday. I remember owning a really light holiday pushchair that had a similar design and features to this. We loved it, and it actually became one of me favourite pushchairs we ever owned. It’s design reminded us of our holidays, as was brilliant for those days out even in the UK (Yes we do get good, hot weather here too!


Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo

When it is time for your family to grow, the Bugaboo Donkey 3 might be the right pushchair for you. I remember when I had my second baby Jessica, I struggled to find the right double pushchair that would allow me to have a good size pram too. And then once Jessica was too big for the pram, I had to buy a whole new double pushchair. It was an expensive mistake to make.


  • Width (double pushchair mode) 74cm/29 inches
  • Width (Single Pushchair mode) 60cm/23.6 inches
  • One piece fold 52 X 74 X 93cm
  • Compact fold 91 X 60 X 24 cm

Best Bugaboo Pushchairs of 2020
The bugaboo Donkey allows you to have your new born in a carrycot and your toddler riding happily alongside in their pushchair seat. When the time comes for them both to need a pushchair, you can buy an extension set that makes this a side by side, double pushchair.

I also remember my double pushchair being big and awkward to negotiate around town. Even a walk to and from nursery was a nightmare. The Bugaboo Donkey is still narrow enough to manage standard doorways and folds down in to one piece for a really easy stress free transportation.

as with all single models Bugaboo aim to make this easy for you to push. Again, if you have just given birth and are now negotiating life not only with a new baby, but a toddler too, then this push chair will still make it easy for you to push.

This pushchair/pram allows great versatility with the seat. Whilst the carrycot is engineered for your newborn, the reclinible seat has a double function. Recline while napping, sit upright while active, so even your toddler can have a nap while on the go. Again you have the choice of turning your toddler towards you or world facing, helping them to not feel too left out, or being able to enjoy watching the world go by. They are also able to look in on their new baby brother or sister!


  • Suitable for a newborn and a toddler – comes with a carrycot and a seat
  • Comfortable reversible and reclinible seat
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • easy to push and manoeuvre with one hand
  • Car Seat compatible
  • Fits through most standard doorways
  • Convertable to a single pushchair
  • Can be converted to a double pushchair
  • Convenient one piece fold
  • Compact two piece fold

If you are expecting another baby and have a toddler, this could be the perfect solution for you. I love the option to have the carrycot with the pushchair seat alongside, but then the ability to convert to a double pushchair as they both get older. Bugaboo also give you the option to personalise this with multiple colour options for your sun canopy, pushchair/pram fabric and base colour, so you can really make this your own.

Bugaboo Fox 2

As you discovered in our detailed review of this pushchair, we absolutely loved this model. Bugaboo have really come up with something special in their Fox 2. Whilst I won’t go into a lot more detail here as you can read my full review here

>> Review of the Bugaboo Fox Pushchair/pram <<

best Bugaboo Pushchairs of 2020W
hat I really loved about the Fox 2 was that the fabric is made from recycled plastic PET bottles. So I absolutely loved its sustainability and innovative idea to use something that would otherwise end up in landfill. The material is therefore toxic and chemical free, and great for those of you who are Eco conscious and what to make your own environmental contribution to the earth.

This model has lots of colour and personalisation options (again see our review for all of those), is compatible with many car seats, and has a vast array of accessories you can add.


  • Suitable from birth
  • Improved carrycot with extra pockets in front
  • Reversible and reclinible seats, facing parent or facing the world
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Car seat Compatible
  • Easy to push and steer with one hand
  • Integrated attachment points for accessories
  • Large under seat basket with extra pockets
  • Strong and sturdy, yet light enough to be lifted and carried easily piece self standing fold
  • compact two piece fold
  • one piece self standing fold

The Buggaboo Fox 2 is really the Ferrari of the pushchair world. Giving you innovative style and choice, brilliant performance comfort and functionality, combined with sustainable and progressive material sourcing. What more could you want?





Final Thoughts

It is clear to see that Bugaboo give you a vast array of choice of pushchair/pram that can not only suit most circumstances but also most budgets. If you are looking for innovation, comfort and a style that is much sort after in the parenting world, then look no further than Bugaboo.

What we loved most was the companies real striving to do things better and to look for more Eco and sustainable ways to make, what is an essential for all parents.

None of us want to mindlessly buy something that ends up eventually being dumped in landfill sites. Bugaboo prevents this by making all of their models to not only last multiple children, but the adaptability to change as you family and needs change. With demand for Bugaboo pushchairs on the second hand resell market also being huge, the sustainability and longevity on all of these models is assured, as they serve babies, children and parents alike, for many years to come.

The great thing about these models is that you can buy new parts, different canopy’s, new accessories, really making Bugaboo a future proof option as your pushchair/pram.

With fabrics made from recycled PET bottles and awards being handed out for green innovation, Bugaboo are clearly going to be a company that wants to push the Eco boundaries in the future.

Please feel free to write any comments or ask any questions here. We really appreciate and value your opinions and experience. If you have owned or purchase any of these Bugaboo pushchairs, please feel free to write your review here.

Of course we appreciate that this is one brand in a huge market or pushchairs and prams. We will endeavor to go in search of any other innovative green, Eco or environmentally conscious companies and bring you the details. If you know of any, please do leave a comment here and we will bring you a detailed review.

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  • Good afternoon! I really enjoyed your article! Two of my best friends are expecting children, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to buy them for a gift. I think I’ve found my answer! You did an excellent job of breaking down all of the components of the Bugaboo Pushchairs, and presenting the information in a clear and objective manner. I will definitely visit your site again. God bless you!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by. I am grateful for your comment. I hope you find the perfect gift for your friends. I would definitely recommend all pitching in or gifting towards one of these.

  • Hey Sarah,

    Man, I wish I had known about Bugaboo when my daughter was young enough. These carriages are like little transformers! Now I am shopping for my daughter who is having her first baby, and I am buying the pushchair as a gift.

    I love the fact that quality is the focus instead of price point. We really need to be thinking about the impact on the environment when we buy junky, disposable items.

    You put a lot of love into this article. The pictures look great, and you have given me lots of great advice and lots of pushchairs for me to look at.

    Good work!


    • Hi Michael. thank you so much for stopping by our website and reading our article. I wish your daughter all the best with her pregnancy, and how wonderful that she has you to buy such a great gift. I would definitely recommend these pushchairs, as you say, not just because of the price, but because of the quality and innovation they bring. I truly hope you find the perfect push chair for your daughter. Should you (or her) have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, also pass our website details on to your daughter, she may find some great advice and some more amazing natural and organic must haves, for her and the baby. All the best.

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