Best Remedies For Baby Colic of 2020

remedies for baby colic

If your baby is suffering with colic it can be an incredibly stressful time for both parent and baby. The hours of crying and a baby that will not settle no matter what you do. See our previous article ‘how to help a baby with colic’, for our look at what is believed to cause colic and some natural and organic remedies to the symptoms and hopefully some ways to stop your baby crying for hours.

In this follow up ‘Best of’ we wanted to search the market place for what products are the best remedies for baby colic. We aim to bring you a top ten of these products. At natural and organic for baby we always strive to bring you the most natural and organic products and methods to solve problems or to make time with baby peaceful and happy.

However with some of our ‘best of’ products in this article we have found some remedies that may not be 100% natural or organic, however we feel they deserve a spot on our top ten, as they provide recommended possible relief for a baby suffering with colic. (So please forgive our deviation from our ethos on this one)

1) Tommee Tippee Advanced anti-colic complete feeding kit

My first and top recommendation (If you are bottle feeding) is to swap to an anti-colic bottle. They help prevent colic by being specially designed to reduce the air bubbles in the milk, meaning your baby will suffer with fewer colic symptoms such as wind, reflux and fussing. I am recommending this Tommee Tippee set as it is very similar to the one I swapped to when my son Jack was a baby and suffered terribly with colic symptoms. Swapping his bottle made a huge difference. (See my review full review of this kit here.)

Tommee Tippee claim their advanced anti colic feeding system gives 80% less colic. This massive claim was based on a trial they did in June 2017, where they consulted 210 parents who tried using their anti colic bottles to reduce their child’s colic symptoms. They tell us that 80% of them agreed that the bottle had successfully reduced the symptoms.
I was also so impressed that I used similar bottles for my daughter Jessica and she did not ever suffer with any colic symptoms! Tommee Tippee tell us that their anti-colic bottles use a unique venting system to draw air bubbles away from milk during feeding. As your baby may develop colic symptoms by taking in too much air during feeding, these bottles help to stop the air mixing with the milk.

> Buy the Tommee Tippee Anti colic feeding set here <

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2) Aurelius Baby sleep pillow wedge. Anti reflux and colic congestion with memory foam 

Another highly recommended remedy for colic is to give your baby a 12 degree incline whilst sleeping. this can pillow wedge can be placed under or above your moses basket/basonette/cot mattress. This raises the angle of your baby’s head and allows them to rest safely.

 It is also great for if your baby has a blocked nose or cold or flu symtoms, as putting your baby at an angle will reduce nasal congestion, and for those who have already had a baby with a blocked nose, you will know how valuable it is to help baby with congestion.

This wonderful wedge pillow is without any chemical smell and does not contain latex, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead or PBDE. So no nasty chemicals are going to get near your baby! It also comes with an organic cotton pillow cover, and is fully transportable.

> Buy The Aurelius baby sleep pillow wedge here <

3) Colic cushion for babies by Babocush

Babocush tell us that their award winning new-born colic & reflux cushion comes with a complete built in heartbeat sound and vibration unit. They also tell us that it gives your baby much needed tummy time, giving relief from flat head syndrome. The babocush can be used on it’s own or can be connected to almost all rockers and bouncers.

best remedies for baby colic
They state that their babocush is soothing and comforting for your baby as they claim it gives your baby a peaceful womb like condition. By helping to keep the airways open and relaxed, babocush claim it reduces the time it takes to burp your baby and can therefore relieve gas, colic and reflux discomfort, which means happy baby happy you.

I had a very similar vibrating chair for Jack and believe me it was worth every penny just to have ten minutes break from the screaming and crying. Jack absolutley loved his.

> Buy Babocush colic cushion here <

4) Sweet Dreamers, Ewan the dream sheep, White/pink noise Machine and sleep aid toy with night light.

Sweet Dreamers tell us that that Ewan the dream sheep has sold over 950,000 globally. Ewan the sheep combines sound with a comforting nightlight, which the lovely people at sweet dreamers tell us mimics the womb environment. So why does Ewan make it onto our top list of colic remedies?

best remedies for baby colic
It has been proven that white and pink noise do help ease the symptoms of colic induced pain. He also has a choice of three other sounds including rainfall, harp melody music and vacuum cleaner, all combined with a mums resting heartbeat. The tell us this sheep has magical soothing powers! He also comes with a nightlight feature and a twenty minute timer with automatic shut off. Saving you the inconvenience of getting out of bed to turn Ewan off.

> Buy Ewan the dream sheep here <

5) An Aromatherapy Diffuser

As stated in our article about how to help a baby with colic, one of the natural remedies recommended was aromatherapy. In particular diffusing essential oils. An aromatherapy diffuser is wonderful and safe to be used around children and babies as there are no naked flames and no heat. A lot of diffusers have a light so can also be great as a night light for your little one. They also have an auto shut off built in for peace of mind and remedies for baby colic

You just need to add a couple of drops of essential oil and your diffuser will create an infused mist, which helps calm and soothe your baby, and help with those colic symptoms. It is also ideal to help counteract the drying central heating.

> Buy aromatherapy diffusers here <

6) Lavender and Chamomile organic essential oils

Both Lavender and chamomile are naturally soothing and relaxing. they both calm the body and mind of your distressed baby. I would recommend bathing your baby with  an organic bath oil that has these two oils in, but that is suitable for baby. You must be very careful as many pure essential oils cannot be used by baby’s below two years old. (See our article on Are essential oils safe for baby’s?) Diffusing Lavender and chamomile is fine around your baby put one drop in of each oil, whilst you give your baby a massge with a premixed massage oil, that is suitable for your baby.

> Buy organic Lavender essential oil here <

> Buy Organic Chamomile essential oil here <

7) Leschi Warming Pillow (for the tummy) Bao the panda design.

In our article how to help a baby with colic , I advised that using a warm compress can help soothe the symptoms of colic. I found this to be incredibly calming for Jack, however if you don’t want the inconvenience and worry of wetting a towel and letting it cool, or your baby might not like the feeling of wet when he is already distressed and in pain, then a warming pillow might be perfect for you and baby.
best remedies for baby colicleschi tells us that Bao the panda stays warm for up to forty five minutes, and can be heated in a microwave or the oven. He is made of 100% organic wheat with a 100% fleece cover, which is machine washable at 30 degrees C.

There is nothing better for tummy ache than an old school hot water bottle, but Leschi give you this safe and cute version, especially for children. I have to say, both Jack and Jessica (my son and daughter) still have their warming pillows and use them to this day. A warming pillow will be an investment for many poorly days and cold nights to come!

> Buy Leschi warming pillow (panda) here <

8)  Organic Gripe Water by Mommys Bliss

The chances are that whenever you mention colic, then someone is going to come up with gripe water as a solution. Gripe water is claimed to bring relief from wind and gripe. It is stated that it helps to break down trapped air bubbles that may be in your baby’s tummy causing cramps and spasms.

I’m going to be honest this product is expensive, however you pay for quality as it is organic, and if it works you will probably be hailing it a bargain. I personally did not find gripe water helped Jack, as he hated the taste and just spat it out. However when I analysed the reviews for this product most raved that it got those burps up almost straight away!

> Buy Mommys Bliss gripe water here <

9) Mommy’s Bliss baby probiotic drops, 15 day boost – Diarrhea, gas, constipation, colic relief – Newborn and up – 2 pack.

Mommy’s Bliss claim their probiotic drops give you baby much needed digestive relief by restoring those lost helpful gut flora. They state they keep things simple with just two ingredients. They claim to use a probiotic strain that has been the subject of over 800 scientific studies worldwide, and that just 5 drops can relieve gas, constipation and colic.

I never really considered probiotics for Jack. I personally feel they may be great if your baby has had to be on antibiotics, (as this is known to kill good gut bacteria). As I have no personal experience of using probiotic drops for colic, I analysed the reviews and it was a mixed conclusion, some hailed it a miracle whilst others thought the product was horrible. I guess it is another one of those trial and error products. But with so many people mentioning this as a remedy, I felt I had to include it in our top ten.

> Buy mommy bliss probiotic drops 2 pack here <

10) Neuner’s Organic Baby Stomach Tea

Neuner’s tell us that they only use organically grown herbs to make their award winning,100% natural and organic baby tea. It is sugar and caffeine free and contains chamomile and fennel, two herbs that are proven relief from the symptoms of colic. It also contains aniseed to provide a sweeter taste.

best remedies for baby colic
The tea is made by putting in boiling water, but then being allowed to cool for 7-10 minutes, stirring ocassionally. You must ensure that the tea is a safe temperature before giving to your baby! Neuner’s advise that this tea can be enjoyed anytime of day or night, so again may be ideal for those periods

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Final Thoughts

These top ten best remedies for baby colic have all either been recommended to us here at natural organic for baby, or I have personally used them or a version of them. Having a baby who is suffering with the symptoms of colic can be extremely exhausting and stressful.

It may be a case of trial and error for a while, as every baby and every remedy for that baby may be different. What is a miracle cure for one, can exasperate the situation for another. For me, many things that Jack loved, Jessica hated, no two babies are the same, they are their own little personalities and characters. I hope that you find a solution to your baby’s colic in one of the above remedies. It may take a combination, it may take them all, but i’m sure when you get that first night of no screaming , it will all be worth it.

Please feel free to ask any questions below. have you tried any of the remedies above? Have they helped your baby’s colic? Do you have any other recommendations for remedies that have relieved baby colic? Please feel free to leave any comments or advice, that may help our future Natural organic for baby readers.

6 thoughts on “Best Remedies For Baby Colic of 2020

  • Hi Sara,
    Thank you for your informative an authorative piece on the effects of Colic I have just very fortunately come across. It is not only an informative in that it offers solutions but does so through many excellent ways that I wished I had come across it when my son was a baby. The only sensible option then was the gripe water which I must say was quite effective as he suffered terribly and was quite uncomfortable without it. You know what they say better late than never to have found your excellent website which is also fresh looking, loads like a dream and is really easy to navigate. I am book marking it so I am able to pass it on when they have their first child and you will probably have both of them and me pestering you with all kinds of questions. Thank you so much for giving out such a genuine review of products you have personally used, so refreshing to see nowadays. Wishing you all the best in your quest to make both parents and baby feel comfortable and able to both get some much needed sleep.


    • Thank you so much for stopping by and taking an interest in our best remedies for colic. If you have had a baby who has suffered you will know how hard it is to cope and to find solutions. we are truly grateful that you feel our post is worthy of a book mark, and please do pass our link and website details onto all friends who have or are expecting babies. Going the natural organic route is a wonderful choice for our new babies and we hope we can continue to guide you and provide advice in the future!

  • Thanks for giving us all this information about resolving colic pain. I have two daughters and the second one is really giving us a hard time at night. Eva tends to eat quickly and I know this can cause colic during the night. Which pillow do you believe is better, the Aurelius Baby Sleep or the Babocush? I can tell by your article that they are quite different, and probably are both good, but I was wondering in your experience wich did work better for you?
    Thank you for your help, I appreciate.

    • Hi Andrea, thank you so much for visiting our site and taking the time to comment on our remedies for baby colic. In answer to your question, and as you state, both cushions are very different. The Babocush provides an environment of the womb with vibration and a heartbeat, this helps to calm your baby helping to keep airways open, which has been proved to help with colic symptoms and the Aurelius baby sleep pillow is a wedged pillow that makes your babies higher. It is difficult with colic symptoms to say one thing is better than another, as every baby is completely different and it can be a bit of a trial and error situation with your baby. I myself used both the wedge and a vibrating heart beat pillow and both provided relief at different times. Hope that helps, but please do not hesitate to come back to us with any further questions. Should you try any of these remedies, please also come back to tell us how you found them!

  • I found this very helpful, and informative. I have 5 children, and with each passing year the medical advise changes. My children never suffered from colic, but I believe that out of 5 at least one would have if I hadn’t have started them on bottles like the ones you talked about that reduce the risk of colic, or used certain pillows, and things. This will definitely help some new moms out there, and a lot of experienced ones too.

    • Hi Staci, thanks so much for taking the time to read our article. Wow 5 children, you are probably an expert as much as us. Like you said, although you did not have a baby who suffered, this may have been because you took the preventative measures. The Anti Colic bottles were a godsend to me, and it sounds like they were a great help in a preventative capacity for you. I hope this post will assist many new mums and thanks for your comment, many may use these products before any symptoms even appear. Thank you.

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