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organic baby sleeping bags

If you read My last post, ‘How to get a baby to sleep through the night – (The ultimate sleep guide). You will know that one of My top tips for baby sleeping is a baby sleeping bag. When I had My first baby Jack, he did not sleep properly for the first year and a half of his little life. We were both exhausted, and it seriously effected My mental and physical health, and more important the enjoyment of those early months with Jack.

Then a friend suggested I try a baby sleeping bag, by this point I would try anything, so I rushed out and bought one. As I put Jack down for his first nap in it, he spent a good while kicking and giggling (when normally he would be screaming and crying), then a while trying to wriggle out of it, and then to My surprise he fell asleep! I couldn’t believe it.

These organic baby sleeping bags come with My whole hearted recommendation, as discovering them was one of the keys to Jack sleeping well, and the miracle of him finally sleeping through the night. What I also love is that there is no chance of

So here at natural organic for baby, we have searched for the very best natural organic baby sleeping bags and after extensive research have come up with our top 10 and we offer a full review of them here. Where we have not personally used the product, we conduct extensive research and may use the reviews of others in the collating of our Top 10 products. We also take into account products that come highly recommended by new parents.

Whilst I may not have used the exact products reviewed here, I did use 6 different organic baby sleeping bags throughout My two children s early years so will impart My experience and opinion to these reviews. I offer all information and analysis of others reviews so that you can make an informed choice.

1) Madouck Organic baby sleeping bag 0-6 months, 2.5 tog.

organic baby sleeping bags
Our Score : 8/10

Madouck have really put some thought into the design of this organic baby sleeping bag, with a feature that has a travel opening (allows car seat harness to pass through), so allows you to keep baby in the sleeping bag whilst transporting them in their car seat! Madouck offer this sleeping bag in 3 design options and 2 sizes. So you can choose from 0-6 months and 6 – 18 months. So if you love it you can get the bigger size.

  • the organic baby sleeping bag is suitable for 0-6 months (over 4kg/70cms)
  • pocket and seat belt slot, for easy transfer between cot and car seat
  • two way side zip opens from the bottom for easy nappy changing.
  • 100% organic cotton padding, and filling is quick dry polyester fleece
  • easy care machine wash at 40 degrees and low heat tumble dry
  • product made in the EU and conforms to European safety standards

This product had 100% positive feedback. One reviewer described this organic baby sleeping bag as simply amazing, and that her baby slept well rested and was warm on cold nights. Most reviewers loved the sleeping bag and would highly recommend it. Many loved the great pattern, lovely material, good quality and another raved it was good value for money.

I love that it is 100% organic cotton outer, but with a quick dry polyester inner, so that it can be easily washed and easily dried without losing its shape or the inner material clumping. I loved the design and the travel feature is an absolute bonus.

2)Antipodes Merino baby sleeping bag – all season, 0-2 years

organic baby sleeping bags
Our Score: 8/10

Antipodes offer this natural baby sleeping bag They state that it is:

  • 100% natural – made from premium soft hypoallergenic merino wool and cotton. Which they claim will naturally regulate your baby’s body temperature. Perfect for ALL SEASONS
  • ONE UNIVERSAL SIZE – fits babies and toddlers from 3 months – 2 years + saving you money in the long term on multiple togs or having to buy a bigger size
  • Smart design easy zip for efficient nappy changing
  • Seatbelt slot for easy transfer between car and cot
  • Machine washable and can be air or tumble dried
  • Hypoalergenic – they claim their merino and cotton is silky smooth and they tell us they do not use any harsh chemicals in the making of this natural baby sleeping bag.

most people loved this baby sleeping bag, with one stating it was’the best sleeping bag out there. Most raved about it being all season and the money saving idea of being 3 months – 2 years. Many felt it was top quality and beautifully made and great fit. Others raved they absolutely loved this, and it is the only one you’ll ever need. There was only one negative feedback which was that the sleeping bag was too hot for their baby and made her baby sweat, and   therefore felt the sleeping bag would not be able to used in the summer.

Whilst I appreciate that this sleeping bag is an investment at the £69.99, I did at first think ‘I would never pay that! however, when I considered the price I paid for the 6 I bought I think this is a fantastic investment. As I bought a sleeping bag for each season and then had to buy two sizes (hence 6). When I added up what I paid for those 6 baby sleeping bags, I calculated I had spent over £250.00, so this is an amazing value.

3) Organic cotton baby sleeping bag, 4 seasons (2.5 tog). 0-6 months.

organic baby sleeping bags
Our Score: 9/10

Sweety Fox claim that they are first and foremost about quality. They assure us that their organic baby sleeping bags are free from any products that could be harmful to your baby or the environment. They boast all three designs on offer are unisex. They claim their product has:

  • Large zip opening for easy nappy changing and access
  • A zip which will resist hours of use
  • A safer fastener so not to hurt baby
  • Organic jersey cotton for incredible softness
  • 2.5 tog for all year round use
  • comes in a range of sizes from 0 upto 6 years

Thisbaby sleeping bags by Sweety Fox was loved by all reviewers. Most loved the design and stated they loved everything about this product. It was beautifully made out of 100% organic cotton. Most commented that It washed extremely well. And Many raved that they loved it and so does baby!.

What I love from analysing the reviews is that every one loved the quality of this organic baby sleeping bag. I also love the ethos and environmental awareness of the company. They also appear to have a very customer focused business where they state they ‘listen’ to their customers. I also loved that they do their sleeping bags up to a much older age. OK maybe a 6-year-old might not want to be in one, but if they are a young child prone to kicking off or going under the covers this is a great option. I loved their designs being interestingly minimal, that would fit with most nursery decors, some might not care about the design, but those of you who do, this design is lovely.

4) Natures Purest, My First Friend Grey & white elephant baby 2.5 tog sleeping bag, 0-6 months – soft organic & pure.

organic baby sleeping bags
Our Score: 8/10

Matures purest boast that their organic baby sleeping bag carry both the Oeko-tex 100 and the fabulous garments without guilt certification, giving everyone the piece of mind that they only use naturally coloured cotton. The natural colour is from plants. It is also 100% free from pollution causing fertilisers, harmful pesticides and chemicals. They state they only use the finest 100% natural organic cotton. They claim the features of their baby sleeping bag are:

  • A beautiful 2.5 tog sleeping bag, made from organically grown natural coloured cotton.
  • Unisex design
  • Helps baby drift off to a peaceful sleep, without coming uncovered.
  • Suitable for 0-6 months (length 75cms from shoulder to bottom)
  • Made from sensitive and natural products that will not irritate your precious baby in any way
  • No dyes, no chemical pesticides, no heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no chlorinated phenols
  • 100% natural and pure.

Analysis of the reviews for this natural and organic sleeping bag showed that most thought this was lovely for any baby. One reviewer recommended this as a gift as it comes in nice packaging. Another reviewer stated it was their second purchase of this sleeping bag, It is super soft and comfortable and we love that it is fair trade. With a final review stating this organic baby sleeping bag was perfect. There was one negative remark with one review stating that it took ages to put the buttons together which caused the baby to wake.

I absolutely loved this design, again fitting with most decors (if that concerns you). I love that this product was made from natural products with no chemicals. However, there is nothing worse than a sleeping bag that you have difficulty undoing or doing up, especially when you are trying to go in stealth, when your baby is drowsy. However, this comment was only made by one reviewer. It does show that everyone is individual and one thing that you may love another may dislike!

5) SnuzPouch 0-6 months sleeping bag, 2.5 Tog – Wave Rose

organic baby sleeping bags
Our Score: 8.5/10

Snuzpouch tell us that they offer a collection of clever sleeping bags, with modern designs ( in fact their are a choice of 5 designs and 2 tog options) and unique features. Including:

  • baby sleeping bag with clever Nappy change zip
  • Easier nighttime changes
  • super soft OEKO-TEX 100 certified cotton
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • side zip fastening
  • from birth to 6 months
  • British safety tested
  • 2.5 tog all year round

Analysis of the reviews showed that many stated that it was perfect, and brilliant. Most loved the fact you can change the nappy without opening it and all felt it was well worth the money. There was only one criticism that the filling had pilled after winding their baby.

I absolutely loved the nappy changing zip, for ease of changing, however, when I thought about it, I wondered how practical this would actually be. I wouldn’t fancy trying to change a pooey nappy whilst still in the sleeping bag!, however for a quick change of a wet nappy it might prove very useful. Again My little boy, used to have a habit of weeing the minute his nappy was taken off, so again, I wouldn’t fancy having him all snuggled in his sleeping bag, only to have him pee all over the thing!.

I love all 5 design options and the double popper on the arms so you can make the fit on the arms tighter or looser as your baby grows, great feature. Although OEKO-TEX certified it is not organic, so a bit of a down point for me, but wanted to include due to its great design and popularity, and again to give you choice.

6) Iswaddle all season sleeping bag 0 – 6 months 

Our score 8/10

This lovely fox design will delight any baby. It’s a really nice light 2.5 tog for the summer months  Made from 100% organic cotton, this is suitable for all seasons. Unique features include

  • 100% organic cotton
  • 2.5 tog for all seasons
  • OEKO TEX certified
  • Branded zipper that zips all the way round, for easy access for nappy changes.
  • Lovely ‘sleepy fox’ design

Most reviewers absolutely loved this sleeping bag, some even saying they never write reviews, but were so pleased with this sleeping bag that they wanted to share it.

Many claimed this was one of the cheapest sleeping bags they had seen. Most commented that it washed incredibly well and kept it’s shape and colour well, even after much use.

This sleeping bag seems well loved by those who have bought it, with the majority ‘highly recommending’. There was only one negative, which was some reviewers felt the neck opening was too big for their baby.

> ** Buy this sleeping bag here ** <

7) The Little Green Sheep Wild cotton organic sleeping bag (Rabbit)

Our Score 8.5/10

This is such a lovely design, we couldn’t resist adding it to our best list. Featuring a beautiful illustrated rabbit design, it comes in a mint melange colour. This is super soft and created with 100% brushed cotton. Ideal for your baby’s delicate skin. With it’s 2.5 tog it is suitable for all year round comfort.


  • 2.5 all year round comfort – for standard room temperatures of 10-20 degrees
  • Approximate child age 0 – 6 months
  • Super soft
  • Under arm poppers for correct sizing
  • side zip fastening for easy changes
  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees & tumble dry safe.

The Little Green sheep are supporting the woodland trust by donating 25p of every item sold from the wild cotton range going towards protecting, restoring and creating woodland in the UK

This sleeping bag fared ok with reviewers with most saying they loved it, with its cute design and good quality. however some commented that they were disappointed they got a slightly different design, of a single bunny, not multiple as shown? Mind you either are incredibly cute. Another reviewer said the sleeping bag came up tight and small (although nobody else seemed to have this problem)

I loved the design of this bag, they also do a really cute bear design too. We have been fans of The Little Green Sheep for some time now, so are sure this offering from them will be equally as fabulous.

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8) Summer baby sleeping bag available in 5 sizes

Our Score 8.5/10

This really lovely light 1.0 tog sleeping bag is made from 100% organic cotton, and are available in 5 different sizes, we are looking at the 0 – 6 month one here. This sleeping bag is certified free of chemical products.

It comes in a lovely unisex design, again offered to us from Sweety fox, who are appearing a lot in our list of best sleeping bags. Once again this company assure you that their products are subject to meticulous testing to provide you with impeccable quality and function.  They promise their products will last you a long time.

With their OEKO-TEX label you are assured that their textiles are free from anything that could be harmful to the body or the environment.


  • 1.0 tog brilliant for summer months
  • High quality and guaranteed to be chemical free
  • practical design, making it easy to change your babies nappy in the night
  • adorable design in great unisex colours
  • Sweety Fox give you a no-risk 30 day,100% money back guarantee. and a 2 year warranty!

Sweety Fox have once again stepped up to the eco plate and delivered a wonderful sleeping bag for your baby. In this light 1.0 tog it is absolutely perfect for the summer. To have the change to also try it for 30 days, is great. If you or your baby, don’t like it, send it back, for a full refund.

reviewers absolutely love this sleeping bag. Most stating it is super soft, high quality. Many also saying that their babies slept well for the first time.

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9) MORI Clever sleeping bag, wearable blanket

Our Score 9/10

Now this sleeping bag is something special. It is made from 30% organic cotton and 70% Bamboo. With a warmer 2.5 tog, it will see you all year round. It comes in one size which is to fit new born to 2 years.

This sleeping bag is available in four colour options, making it really easy to get the perfect colour to match your nursery or taste.

Mori tell us they have crafted this bag to be breathable and comfortable. This has been certified OEKO-TEX which ensures that there are no harmful chemicals which could be harmful to your babies skin.


  • Shell – Ultra soft and thermoregulating fabric
  • free from harmful chemicals with a Oeko-tex certification
  • one size so will last a long time
  • double direction zipper and side shoulder opening with nickel free poppers, for easy nappy changes
  • seat belt opening, for on the go sleeps
  • easy care, machine washable at 30 degrees.

Analysis of the reviews for this sleeping bag show that they all absolutely loved it, with no negative comments or reviews at all!.

Everyone was really impressed by the softness, stating the fabric is like silk. Many also saying this was the softest, highest quality sleeping bag they had owned.

Now there is a catch to this wonderful luxury and excellent reviews, it does come with a much higher price tag. This is the highest priced sleeping bag we are reviewing. However when you factor in that this fits new born to 2 years old, you are getting a lot of wear for your money. And all reviewers stated it was well worth the money. I guess we will leave that up to you to decide.

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10) Natures purest, My First Friend sleeping bag.

Our Score 8.5/10

This really cute design features two elephants, which I am sure you are going to love. This is a 1.0 tog sleeping bag, so perfect for the warmer summer months.

It has been made from organically grown naturally coloured cotton. With lovely unisex design, it is the perfect choice for all babies.


  • A beautiful 1.0 tog
  • made from organic cotton
  • suitable for ages 0 – 6 months
  • perfect for babies with even the most sensitive skin
  • nothing added. you have the peace of mind of no chemicals or pesticides or toxins. 100% natural and pure.

Reviewers stated this sleeping bag was ‘perfect’. All stating it was great quality and they would buy it again in the next size up.

We loved the design of this sleeping bag and the light tog make it a perfect choice for this season.

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Final Thoughts.

To be honest, I would happily recommend any of these baby sleeping bags, but obviously would lean towards the for that are organic. I cannot rave enough about how much I recommend organic baby sleeping bags for your baby.

My clear favourite is The Sweety Fox Organic cotton Baby Sleeping Bag. I absolutely loved their design and the reviewers raved about this one. As already mentioned the companies organic and environmental ethos and their focus on the customer really won My vote!.

However for those of you wanting supreme quality, and longevity from your sleeping bag, and those who don’t mind paying for that luxury, then I would highly recommend Mori’s wonderful clever sleeping bag/wearable blanket. It sounds so good I almost wish it came in adult sizes!

> ** Mori Clever Sleeping Bag/Wearable Blanket ** <

>>You may wish to also check out our Best organic baby blankets here <<

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. And feel free to let us know your review should you purchase any of these organic baby sleeping bags.



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