Best Aromatherapy Diffusers of 2019

Why use an aromatherapy diffuser? Diffusing aromatherapy oils can be a wonderful way of relaxing and aiding sleep for both you and your baby. It can be great to start during pregnancy (making sure you diffuse safe oils, and use the recommended amount of drops). Many women also take their diffuser’s into the labour suite […]

How to help a baby with Colic

Despite over 50 years of research, it has still not been proved what causes colic in babies. Having a new baby is hard enough, but any parent who has had a baby with colic will tell you it can get very stressful when your baby is excessively crying and there seems to be no way […]

Are essential oils safe for babies? – A guide to the best oils for baby massage and baby aromatherapy.

This post will give you some advice on the question, ‘are essential oils safe for babies?, It will also guide you to the best oils for baby massage and baby aromatherapy and how to do this naturally and organically. There is nothing more soothing or relaxing than aromatherapy or a massage, and this is also […]