A review of the top 6 (most raved about) organic baby bath products – and how they can transform baby bath time

I remember bath time with baby being either incredibly stressful with a quick dip in the sink, or being a precious relaxing time of love and bonding. Of course this develops of time as your confidence of handling, washing and caring for this little human being you have made, grows. So how can natural organic […]

organic vs non organic – does it really make a difference?(The ultimate guide to studies)

There have been many studies done in the past trying to evaluate the nutritional difference between organic vs non organic crops and the effects these have on our health. I have often battled with keeping my food costs within a budget, and quite often organic produce was a more expensive option when purchasing from a […]

What to put in your hospital bag for labour

It is now that time to prepare to pack your hospital bag, which to be honest normally turns into more of a hospital suitcase. I remember walking out of my door and looking like I was moving out of home. As my husband couldn’t drive and I was going to be induced, I had to […]

Why the organic pregnancy will change your life

When you first discover you are pregnant you may decide that you would like to make not only your inner health organic, but also your outer environment. This will help create a balanced and non toxic environment, for both you and your baby. By using organic ingredients and products they are kind to you and […]

What vitamins to take during pregnancy

So the pregnancy test showed positive! and here you are with a tiny living being inside you waiting to grow. If you were planning your pregnancy you may have already had been advised to take a supplement of folic acid. The health organisation recommend you take 400 micrograms from before getting pregnant to twelve weeks […]

The importance of taking folic acid in pregnancy

The first piece of advice you often get when even a mere mention of trying for a baby is that you should eat foods high in folic acid or take a folic acid supplement. So why is this vitamin so key in pregnancy?. What folic acid does in pregnancy and why it is so important? […]

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Hi everyone and welcome to my natural and organic for baby website. Using Natural and organic products has been a passion of mine for many years after being awakened to the multitude of toxins, pesticides and chemicals that are put into our food, water, environment and pretty much any product that we buy. I decided […]