Best organic Baby Swaddle Blankets of 2020

baby swaddle blankets

It is important for a new born baby to feel safe and secure in order to sleep well, when napping and at night. Sleeping well helps your baby develop both mentally and physically, and gives you that well-earned break to reset your self. If you are having issues with your baby sleeping, see my post ‘How to help a baby sleep through the night – the ultimate sleep secrets.

Many babies feel more secure when they are swaddled from birth. You have to remember, your precious little baby has been inside the womb for 9 months, listening to sounds of you, and then all of a sudden they are out into the big wide world. Swaddling can help them transition.

The best material to use as baby swaddle blankets is a lightweight material like cotton (I would advise going organic). Underneath your baby swaddle blanket I would advise putting baby in an organic cotton vest or organic cotton babygro, but be sure not to overheat your baby.

Many babies love to be swaddled with their arms tucked in (like a burrito) others prefer to have their arms free to suck on. It is best only to swaddle your new baby until around eight weeks as by then he/she will be moving around much more, then I would advise to transfer to a baby sleeping bag.

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I personally used an organic cotton blanket and then swaddled myself. If using a blanket the rectangle design is best, or a very large blanket that can reach generously around your baby. Nowadays there are many new specially designed and made, baby swaddle blankets so you don’t even have the worry of folding and making the swaddle yourself.

I have researched the varieties of options you have to use as baby swaddle blankets, and have come up with my top 10. Where I have not used the product personally I conduct extensive research into the manufacturers claims, and the reviews of others. I offer my advice as guidance only as every parent and baby are completely different. What one will love another baby may not like. So when choosing a baby swaddle blanket method, go with your own personal instinct, because no one knows your baby as well as you.

1) From Babies with Love organic reversible swaddling blanket (available in four designs, Duck, Frog, Monkey and Rabbit)

         Our Score 10/10

This beautiful organic cotton swaddling blanket features cute applique pictures on one side, designed using vintage postal materials, and polka style print on the other side. You have the choice of four designs including a really cute duck, monkey, rabbit and frog.

A great size for swaddling 120 X 120 cm, giving you lots of room to tuck your baby in nice a safe. Also perfect to use as a blanket or security blanket once your baby no longer needs to be swaddled.

This swaddle blanket is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is super soft.

Made by From babies with Love who have very high environmental, fair trade ethics. This blanket is made to the highest standard earning GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification.

We absolutely the vintage postal design and know that this blanket will become a firm favourite of you and your child for many years to come.

  • Super soft GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Great 120 X 120 cm size
  • Can be used as a blanket or security blanket when swaddling no longer needed
  • From a company with high environmental and fair trade ethics
  • Profits from the sale of this blanket are donated to a charity
  • Suitable for Vegans

This blanket is certified Vegan friendly and no animal testing is ever conducted by From babies with love.

Why has this blanket got my top marks and adoration? From babies with Love donate the profits of the sale of this blanket to their From babies with love foundation which supports orphaned and abandoned children around the world! So by purchasing and using this blanket you not only protect and love your own baby, but contribute to protecting and loving babies in need.

I can’t think of a worthier purchase in this category. Since discovering the brand we have championed its cause. Not just because of the charitable aspect of their cause, but because the product is great quality too. Win, win for you.

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2) Lulujo Organic bamboo swaddle blanket – Hearts

        Our Score 9.5/10

This large gorgeous organic bamboo blanket comes in an adorable heart design printed onto a safe, soft and sustainable bamboo fibre. Neutral colours make it fit any style or taste.

Made with 100% natural muslin this swaddle gives you enough material to tightly wrap up your baby and keep them feeling safe, warm, secure and comfy, Bamboo has less impact on the environment than cotton and is incredible breathable.

The material is soft on your baby’s skin and can be used from birth, with the assurance that there are no chemicals, no nasties, so will not irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

This blanket can also be used as a breastfeeding cover, a comfort blanket, changing pad, blanket for cot, car seat and toddler bed and much more.

  • Size 120 X 120 cm
  • Pre washed super soft organic muslin made from organic bamboo
  • Do not iron
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • can be tumble dried on low
  • Eco friendly
  • Suitable for Vegan families
  • Would make a fabulous baby shower gift

I love this blanket, as I think it could be used around the home and with your child way beyond the baby years. this is not a blanket that will get lost in cupboards. the design is such that it grows with your child. I mean who doesn’t love hearts?. It would also make the perfect gift for someone who is expecting, or yourself!

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3) Storksak Garden and Raindot swaddle blankets      

Our Score 9/10

This is a set of two beautifully soft patterned muslin swaddle blankets made from luxurious and sustainable blend of bamboo and cotton.

The larger size of 120 X 120 cm, make it perfect for swaddling, or can be used as burp cloths, nursing cover, stroller cover or a comfort blanket.

The lightweight and breathable muslin blankets are suitable from birth and come in two lovely elegant prints.

  • Sustainable
  • Suitable for vegan families
  • Two blankets in the pack
  • packaged in a nice box, and would make a great gift
  • Storksak support charities
  • nice large size 120 X 120 cm
  • Can be machine washed at 30 degrees
  • Can be tumble dried on a low heat

Storksak support charities as well as striving to preserve and protect the environment by recycling and donating damages or used bags.

These wonderful swaddle blankets are super soft and super versatile. these will be with you for many years to come, way beyond the swaddling months!

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4) Storksak Single Muslin Swaddle blanket in either Garden or Raindot design

          Our Score 9/10

Storksak also offer the above two pack organic swaddle blankets as separate blankets. (see all details above)

these gorgeous muslin blankets come presented in a luxury drawstring bag making them the perfect new baby or baby shower gift.

Available in the two designs Garden and Raindot

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5) Little seed baby swaddle wrap newborn blanket 0-3 months, 100% organic cotton swaddles.

baby swaddle blankets
Our Score: 8/10

Little seeds have come up with a swaddle wrap, which they claim makes it easy for you to swaddle your newborn baby. They also claim that this makes the perfect gift. They state that their ‘super soft baby swaddle blankets’ :

  • Help safer longer sleep
  • soothe and settle colic
  • prevent the startle reflex
  • your baby can be swaddled in 3 easy steps.

They state that this set of 3 baby swaddle blankets are guaranteed safe and that if for any reason you are not happy, they will not hesitate in offering you a refund.They also boast that these swaddle are 100% organic cotton, which is safer for your baby as they are made of from natural seeds and have not had harmful chemicals used on them.

Little seed are a UK based company and they state their staff are dedicated to giving you the best service and product possible. They are so confident of their service and product that they offer you a worry free money back guarantee.

The reviewers all loved these baby swaddle blankets. One reviewer stated that it was the best swaddle I have every used, with most reviewers agreeing that they were easy to use. Most also recommended these as the perfect gift. Others stated that their baby was finally sleeping, after purchasing these. There were 2 negative feedbacks, the first was that they were way too small to be useful and another complained that only one fits, the other two had issues as they are all different sizes.

I love the convenience of these baby swaddle blankets, especially for new parents, trying to get used to handling their new baby, however many of the reviews did state that these were quite thin. I loved the coziness of my babies swaddling blankets, although mastering making the swaddle and getting it tight and tucked in enough that baby stays in was a difficult task, so these would solve that problem.

6) Ieoke swaddle blanket, baby blanket swaddle wrap (0-6 months) 100% natural organic cotton swaddle blankets for newborn, 120cm X 120cm (47 inch X 47 inch).

baby swaddle blankets
Our Score: 9.5/10

Ieoke offer you their set of 4 finest soft muslin cotton swaddle blankets. They state that they are perfect for babies delicate skin, and that they offer a texture like cotton or cloud that will help your baby reduce anxiety and get a more comfortable and calmer sleep. They state that their baby swaddle blankets are:

  • Breathable and absorbant
  • 100% organic cotton. (child experts recommend it)
  • Multi purpose use. Can be used as snoring cloth, baby physiological blanket, breast feeding covers, baby wraps or baby covers to protect your baby from rain or sun exposure.
  • 4 pack of baby swaddle blankets
  • 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty, if you are not happy you receive a full refund, there is no risk.

These baby swaddle blankets were absolutely loved by the reviewers with 100% positive feedback, which is testament to the quality and usability of this product. Most raved about the great quality of the product, and stated they would highly recommend this product to all parents. They also said that they were soft and easy to clean, and that they loved the cute design.

I personally loved the design of these lovely baby swaddle blankets. The fact that they are multi use is an absolute bonus, as if you are on a tight budget, these can be used for so many used and throughout babies early years and beyond. If you think, you will only be swaddling your baby for the very early weeks 0-8 weeks, so many other swaddle wraps will be redundant after that time, whereas these can adapt as your baby grows. The fact that this came with 100% positive and in fact 5/5 (35 reviews) is testament to what a great set this is.

7) Jycra Muslin baby swaddle blanket, soft breathable organic cotton, baby receiving blanket, unisex. 120cm X 120cm (Tropical palm leaves.

baby swaddle blankets
Our Score: 9/10

Jycra offer their tropical palm leaves baby swaddle blanket, stating that it is:

  • High quality fabric, made of super soft breathable cotton. Allergy free so safe to use on babies sensitive skin
  • Breatable and lightweight. To help the best temperature regulation and to allow your child to have a relaxed and comfortable sleep without overheating
  • easy Care, They state it can easily be washed.
  • Versatile use, can be used for multiple used after swaddling is no longer needed, including:nursing or stroller cover, burping cloth, changing or cleaning blanket.
  • Perfect gift.

Did this baby swaddle blanket live up to Jycras claims? This product received not one negative review or comment. Most stated that they love this muslin blanket, I’d definitely buy again. Most review included that it was super soft. And that it was perfect to swaddle. Another reviewer commented that it came in a beautiful box so would be great as a gift.

What I loved about this baby swaddle blanket was the design. It was so refreshing to actually see a bold design with some colour that wasn’t black and white or blue and pink!. I appreciate that neutrals are good to fit with all decor or baby theme, but this really stood out. I again love that this has multiple used and can be utilised after the need for swaddling has passed. My only disappointment is that there is only one in a pack, which is fine, but your would have to buy multiple as I would recommend having at least two spares, so that you have enough for one to be washed, one to be spare, and one using.

8) Wee Gallery organic cotton muslin swaddle – Nordic

Our Score 9/10

This adorable organic muslin swaddle will quickly become a favourite because of its high quality and beautiful design.

Earth and environmentally friendly, this swaddle is large enough to be versatile as a swaddle, stroller cover or to put in car seat, cot or on a changing table. As your baby grows it would make a great security blanket or throw.

The simple high repetitive pattern in black and white is visually stimulating to your baby and helps promote infant brain development.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin. This blanket is a generous 48 inches X 48 inches.

  • 100% GOTS certified organic
  • Free from AZo dyes, BPA and PVC
  • Suitable for Vegan families
  • Machine washable
  • Can be tumble dried at a low heat

This organic swaddle is hand made with love just for you. It comes packaged wonderfully and would make the perfect baby shower gift. I think this blanket however would be very difficult to give away!

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9)Privstar Newborn baby swaddle wrap blanket pack of 3, 100% organic cotton muslin for babies 0-3 months.

baby swaddle blanketsOur Score: 8/10
Privstar claim their 100% cotton swaddle blankets are ‘deluxe’. They say by owning these you will be ‘cuddling your baby with the best’. They claim to combine excellent craftsmanship with high quality 100% organic cotton, to produce swaddle blankets that they claim are exceptional. They also offer 100% risk free purchase as your 100% satisfaction means the world to them. They invite you to unlock the magic of swaddling with privstar swaddle blankets. They state the benefits of their blankets are:

  • No more struggling putting your baby to sleep
  • No more face scratching from sudden movements
  • No more blankets fading and shrinking after a while
  • No more loose blankets in the crib, no more cold feet and hands.

Did my research agree with privstars bold claims? Many stated that these were thin so need more layers in the winter. However, they did state that they are brilliant and easy to use. With others raving that they were super soft. Whereas another reviewer said they were superb and that the baby swaddle wrap blanket was amazing!.

I love that these are really simple and easy to use. So if you have never swaddled before you would be able to swaddle your newborn without any stress. Again these do stop the risk of your baby wriggling out of a blanket. However, although these are really convenient, as one reviewer reminded me, not all babies like to be swaddled, so if that is the case these products would be redundant, whereas a blanket could be used for multiple uses. Also, as many reviewers stated they were thin, you may need to also purchase an organic cotton blanket to keep your baby warm, whilst there is nothing wrong with that, if you are on a budget you may wish going for a swaddle blanket. However, if you are a new parent who has no clue how to swaddle, these will be perfect for you.

10) Smarthingz Ltd Swaddle blanket set – Luxurious pure organic cotton, the softest muslin receiving blankets – bonus baby bib and e book.

baby swaddle blanketsOur Score 7/10
Smartingz Ltd tell us they designed this set for quality, durability, functionality and elegance. They tell us they use only the softest the highest quality organic cotton muslin for comfort and durability and that these are strong enough to last long. They state their baby swaddle blanket is unisex and elegant and cute for baby and ‘chic mum’.

  • Two large (47X47) unisex organic muslin swaddle receiving blankets
  • versatile and multi use, make Mums (and Dads) life easier, help baby to sleep by swaddling. Breastfeeding in the park? use these blankets to cover you and baby
  • non allergenic, breathable and light
  • Set also includes two baby bibs, bandanna style, so you can use an awesome fashion accessory to protect.
  • Comes with a bonus e book with tips for parents to distress and enjoy challenges of life with a newborn.
  • 180 day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, return for a full refund.

Does all the ‘chic style’ and free gifts make for a great product?  Many raved that these are a great item, and that they are stylish and practical and super soft. With one reviewer raving that these were the best muslin/swaddle blankets. Most stated it was a lovely set, and great quality. However, some thought these blankets were not great for swaddling, as a baby could wriggle out of them, several times a night. Another was very disappointed there was only 2 blankets as from the picture she thought there was 4 in this pack. So be aware THIS IS A TWO PACK. Another reviewer merely stated disappointed.

I love the modern ‘trendy’ design of these baby swaddle blankets. The fact that they come with ‘free’ bibs and an e book is a bonus, but I agree that if they are too small to securely swaddle then it defeats the object. Yes you can use for multiple uses but if you are buying to swaddle, its important they do the job. None of the top reviewers mention this as an issue for them, so it could have been the method of swaddling. I can only recommend that if you love this design, try them as the company offers a full refund should you not be happy!.

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Final Thoughts

It has been proven that swaddling you baby can help them sleep well and feel secure in those early days and weeks. Within these review there are two styles, the ready-made convenient and easy swaddle, where you just put your baby in and Velcro together, or the traditional baby swaddle blanket. In the very early weeks I would have preferred the ready made swaddle design, especially for my first baby, however once I was settled and at home, and especially for my second baby, I preferred the baby swaddling blanket design.

My absolute favourite therefore is the wonderful From babies with love range of organic reversible blankets. their blankets, ethics and charity have not only caught my eye, but my heart too. I love that when your baby no longer needs to be swaddled, this can be used as a traditional baby blanket, and then as your child grows can become a security blanket. This blanket will be with you and your child for many years to come.

> Check out the From Babies with Love Blankets here <

However, as with everything it is  your personal choice, of design and style, so go with what your instincts say will be best for you and your new baby. I hope you will love these swaddle blankets as much as I have loved reviewing them.

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Please feel free to ask any questions below, and please share your experiences of swaddling your newborn baby, was it a success?, did it help your baby sleep better?. If you purchase any of these products please feel free to share your experiences here, so the rest of the natural organic for baby readers, can benefit from your insight.

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  • Hi,
    I just popped round because I was interested in the newest “technique” or material that is used nowadays. I guess my wife would have been very happy if she had these kind of blankets already. But now its 30 years ago 🙂
    Anyway, it’s amazing how time changes and high developed things nowadays are.
    I will tell my sons then – they will certainly need things like that! 🙂

    Thanks and all the best,

    • I know the world has come on leaps and bounds!, when I was younger it was a blanket that you folded to swaddle a baby, nowadays it is all about convenience. Please do forward this onto your son’s. Thank you so much for visiting us here at Natural Organic for Baby and sharing your experience.

  • Thanks, Sara for putting together this review, it is really helpful. I was searching online for advice about the swaddle blankets as my best friend just had a baby and I wanted to buy her a nice practical present. There are so many swaddle blankets on the market and it’s hard to make a decision and know what to look for. At least now I can go to the shop with a shortlist of few. Thank you!

    • I’m so pleased we could be of help Elektra. it is always more difficult when the item is as a gift. I hope you found the perfect present for your friend and thank you for stopping by. Please do pass on our details to your friend, as they may find our articles of use.

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