Review of the Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-colic complete feeding kit

Review of Tommee Tippee advanced anti-colic complete feeding kit

Product: Tommee Tippee advanced anti-colic complete feeding kit

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Size: feeding set

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My Rating: 9/10

review of the tommee tippee advanced anti-colic feeding kit
Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-Colic complete feeding kit, Product Review

The most natural and organic thing of course is to breast feed your baby, however, there are many reasons why you may choose or need to bottle feed your baby. If you have decided to bottle feed ahead of having your new baby, have tried breast feeding and didn’t like it, your breastfeeding was not successful, or if you are expressing and using bottles, then you are going to need a feeding set. The alternative is that you can buy each element separately, however that can get very costly.

If you are using bottles for feeding you are going to need a sterilizer to ensure that your bottles are kept clean and hygienic for your baby. You may also wish to have the convenience of a bottle warmer, although good old-fashioned hot water can be used just as easily. In fact, we found that hot water was a far quicker and efficient way of heating Jacks and Jessica s bottles when they were babies.

I am reviewing this particular feeding set as it came top in our best remedies for baby colic of 2019 so I wanted to go into much more detail about why I thought it was my best of the best for relieving colic symptoms. It is believed although not proven by years of research, that Colic is caused by trapped air (wind) in your baby’s gut and therefore causes spasms.

It is believed that the trapped air (wind) can come from many sources, general baby crying, by some foods, but the biggest culprit (it is theorised) is the air taken in when your baby feeds (either by bottle or breast). This is why quite often your baby may have difficulty feeding or be particularly more colicky after a feed.

Winding your baby is incredibly important even if your baby is not suffering with colic, trapped wind can be incredibly painful for your baby. Getting that  important burp becomes a mission of most parents, and sometimes takes a tag team to get the wind up! I found that I would try for about half an hour and then hand Jack over to my husband and within a minute he would let out a resounding burp!

I made the conscious decision to bottle-feed Jack and before going into hospital to have him, did the massive preparation, buying everything under the sun I could think of. I bought a set of bottles, not really knowing what was best, believing that all bottles (and teats) were created equal. In the hospital Jack fed incredibly well and even in the few weeks, he was a very hungry baby, being born at 9lb 6oz he need a much bigger feed than the average newborn.

After two weeks Jack started to suffer and would cry for hours on end, which was incredible difficult for me, trying to adjust to motherhood and still in incredible pain from a C-Section. After several weeks of hours of screaming, Jack was diagnosed as a baby suffering with colic and gripe was recommended.  But Jacks symptoms got progressively worse, and he then started to suffer with reflux.

I was at breaking point, trying to cope with pain and sleep deprived which was stressful. I then started researching possible remedies. Our article ‘how to help a baby with colic’, explains most of what I tried. One of the key things I changed was Jacks bottles, in particular going for a slower flow teat and then I discovered the Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles.

These changed Jack immediately. Apart from him being frustrated he wasn’t getting his milk as fast, his symptoms started to get much better. When I combined a change in bottles with some other natural remedies, his colic symptoms became less frequent to eventually only having a few nights of crying. It changed my life and allowed me to enjoy my time with Jack, and to stop feeling like a failure as a mum!

This set that I am reviewing is not the exact same set that I used, however I did use an older version of the Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottle, so I will be combining my experience with detailed analysis of the reviews for this feeding set. This will also allow my personal experienced to be balanced with unbiased views of many parents.

What you get in the Tommee Tippee anti-colic feeding kit

We are told this set includes:

  • 8 advanced anti-colic baby bottles – designed to reduce colic symptoms
  • A venting tube with heat sensing strip which turns a different colour if your baby’s milk is too hot (this is incredibly useful for new parents)
  • An electric sterilizer which can sterilize up to 6 bottles in just 5 minutes.
  • Food and bottle warmer, which can be used to warm breast milk, formula and baby food from chilled or frozen.
  • Also, includes milk storage pots and insulated bottle bags for feeding on the go.

What makes these so special? The Advanced Anti-Colic Bottle

Tommee Tippee tell us that their advanced anti-colic bottle is proven to reduce colic symptoms for less wind, less reflux and less fussing. They did a study in 2017, consulting 210 parents who tried their bottles and 80% agreed that the bottle has successfully reduced the colic symptoms in their baby.

Tommee Tippee claim that their unique venting system is designed to prevent colic. They inform us that babies may develop colic symptoms if they take in too much air during feeding. Therefore, their bottles, with it’s anti-colic venting system, helps stop the air mixing with the milk. They state that the air is drawn through vents in the venting wheel, down the venting tube and out of a valve into an airspace at the bottom of the bottle. They claim this means 80% fewer colic symptoms, such as wind, reflux and what they call fussing. (but us parents who have had a baby suffering with colic would call hours of screaming).

Tommee Tippee also promote their venting tube as it has a heat sensing strip that changes colour if the milk is too hot. They tell us you merely dip the tube in for ten seconds to see the feed temperature. A pink strip show that the feed is too hot and that you should leave to cool before feeding. This feature is a new addition since I had Jack. As a new parent I would have loved the reassurance of knowing the bottle was at a safe temperature, there was nothing worse than second guessing myself while dropping some milk on the back of my hand or contaminating the teat with me trying the milk first. So this is a great and very useful feature.

My Thoughts on The Tommee Tippeee Advanced anti-colic feeding kit.

I can only comment on the version I used back in 2007. It looks like Tommee Tippee have come a long way since then, with lots of trials and research and improvements. I cannot prove that these bottles helped to remedy Jacks colic alone. But the combination of natural remedies and swapping to these bottles (or the earlier version) made a massive difference and I would agree with the 80% percentage.

Using these bottles in combination with the other natural remedies, literally saved my sanity. I was at breaking point with Jacks colic symptoms and crying and would have tried anything. I was just glad I tried these. And they get my whole hearted recommendation. The fact that the anti-colic bottles come as a feeding set is a complete bonus. As you now get the bottles and all you could need to bottle-feed your baby, in one set.

What Others think about The Tommee Tippee Advanced anti-colic complete feeding Kit

After analysing all the reviews written I am pleased that every reviewer agreed with my positive review. There were no negative comments at all. Most reviewers had either received this set as gift, or given this set as a gift. If you are looking for a baby shower gift or gift for a special friend or family member I would highly recommend it.

Every reviewer stated it gave them everything they needed to bottle-feed their newborn baby. Although some felt they would not/did not use the bottle warmer , they preferred to microwave their bottles. They still felt the bottle warmer was great for traveling or going to places where there was no microwave available.

I personally agree with this although I do not use a microwave as I don’t like them, I prefer to do things the natural organic old-fashioned way. I think the bottle warmer is wonderful for a new parent, but I agree it can take a long time to heat using it, and when you have got a crying hungry baby at 3am, you just want to get the bottle warm and get baby fed and back settled. But for the price this set is currently being offered at, the bottle warmer is a bonus, and if you use it or not doesn’t really change my whole hearted recommendation for the anti-colic bottles.

Most reviewers also commented on the high quality of the items, saying the sterilizer was worth the money alone! Also, most were highly impressed by the high quality and effectiveness of the anti-colic bottles. Another feature that got praise was the travel cases and pots, this gave the user the convenience and freedom to go out and about with their baby, without worrying about the logistics of transporting milk or feeding.



Final Thoughts

I cannot recommend the Tommee Tippee advanced anti-colic complete feeding kit enough, and have therefore awarded them 9/10. It was a close call to a 10/10. If you have a baby who is suffering with colic symptoms, or even if you are preparing for your baby’s arrival I would recommend going with an anti-colic system, to save your self the pain of ever suffering. Obviously there are no guarantees that the bottle alone will cure any symptoms, however my experience with them, is that when combined with other natural remedies, these bottles can significantly reduce symptoms and even save your sanity!

> Buy The Tommee Tippee advanced anti-colic complete feeding set here <

If you feel you do not need the whole kit (with the bottle warmer etc) I highly recommend the anti colic bottles alone. I wouldn’t want the price of the whole set to put anyone off experiencing how good these bottles can be for a baby suffering with colic.

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Please feel free to leave any comments here. If you have bought this feeding set or bottles, please do leave your review here, your opinions really help our future readers.

2 thoughts on “Review of the Tommee Tippee Advanced Anti-colic complete feeding kit

  • Thank you very much for this informative post. I remembered the sleepless nights I had when my baby was crying due to colic and I had to carry him throughout the night. There were even a couple of occasions that carrying my son did not help. He just kept crying non-stop and being worried and anxious, I have n o choice but to send him to a hospital in the middle of the night. I really wished I know this product during then. It will definitely save me from sleepless nights and all the anxiety from my son’s non-stop cries.

    • Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for commenting on my review, and sharing your experience with your son. It shows how serious the symptoms of colic can be. I myself was back and forth to my GP (general practitioner). The crying that comes with colic can be both distressing for baby, but also as a parent as you worry that something is seriously wrong. As you state every child is different and every night can be different, so what settled them one night, may not the next. I am so glad you found this review of interest and value. Thank you for your valuable comments, I am sure they will help our future readers.

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