Review of Viridian Organic Folic Acid

Review of Viridian organic folic acid

Product: Viridian Organic Folic Acid – 400mcg

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Size: 90 Vegetarian Capsules

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My Rating: 9/10

Review of viridian organic folic acid
Review of viridian organic folic acid

Review of Viridian Organic Folic Acid – 400mcg

As we discovered in our article The importance of taking folic acid in pregnancy it is essential for women planning to get pregnant or who are in their early stages of pregnancy to take folic acid. The department for health in the UK highly recommend a dosage of folic acid a day, from planning to week 12 of pregnancy.

They make this recommendation as research has proved that taking folic acid can help prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida. This neural tube is what develops into your babies spinal cord and brain. This developmental stage is incredibly important to your new growing baby.

Organic Folic Acid is a member of the B complex family. DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is a fatty acid important in the development foetal and infant brain. It also contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, normal psychological function and also supports the normal function of the immune system. So it is key that all women planning a pregnancy or in early pregnancy take 400gsm of folic acid a day.

Folic Acid can be gained from a very healthy diet, (see The importance of taking folic acid for a full list of foods that are high in folic acid). However, it is difficult to measure the amounts you are consuming and therefore a supplement is usually recommended by health professionals.

I did not personally take this brand of folic acid, in my first pregnancy with Jack I took a non organic folic acid supplement. However, when I was pregnant with my second child Jessica, I discovered I was pregnant late so I started taking an organic folic acid supplement at week 8 of my pregnancy.

So for the purposes of this review I will be carrying out detailed study of the company’s claims, and information, along with an analysis of reviews that have been written.

What is so special about Viridian Organic Folic Acid?

Viridian make their folic acid from organic ingredients including organic lemon extract, in a base of organic alfalfa. Viridian tell us that their capsules are a simple formulation offering an extract of lemons standardised to guarantee a fixed amount of folic acid in every capsule. They claim that 385 organic lemons are used to produce one kilogram of the lemon extract providing the folic acid.

Viridian inform us that the lemons they use are grown on organic farms ensuring that the fruit is uncontaminated with pesticides or other chemical sprays. The Soil Association has fully certified the organic status of this product, from the seed to the final ingredients used. They proudly tell us it received The world’s gold standard of organic certification.

Viridian tell us that they check the accuracy of the folic acid content meticulously, and this is done in microbiological and analytical laboratories ensuring its safety and reliability for use in food supplements. This is great peace of mind to a newly pregnant woman.

My Thoughts on Viridian organic folic acid capsules.

What I love about these capsules is the simplicity in production using extract of organic lemons and a base of organic alfalfa. This means no chemicals or pesticides and no artificial bulking agents. I like that they give you the peace of mind that all ingredients are certified organic to a gold level, by the Soil Association.

What impressed me the most was the company’s ethos of meticulously testing and checking that you are actually getting what you pay for, that each capsule actually is 400mcg of folic acid. They also give the same level of testing to ensure this supplements safety to you and your unborn baby.

I was so impressed by my analysis of the information and reviews of this supplement, that I gave it 9 out of 10. The only negative I can see is maybe the price, as it does come up more expensive than supermarket bought equivalents. However, with this supplement, you really do get what you pay for. With these you have certified organic ingredients, no chemicals or pesticides and no bulking agents. With other cheaper supplements I would advise you to investigate the ingredients.

I know I would personally choose an organic brand every time and therefore Viridian get my full recommendation. If you wish to get further advice on folic acid, I would recommend consulting with your GP or health visitor/midwife, and I highly recommend doing this prior to taking any supplements in pregnancy.

What Others think about Viridian Organic Folic Acid

The reviewers all agreed with my high recommendation, with most giving this supplement the highest praise. Stating they are good quality. All loved that these supplements are organic and felt that this provided a much better quality vitamin, with no nonsense or bulking to the ingredients.

Many loved that this was a pure folic acid made from just plants and the fact that they come in a glass jar impressed many too.


  • Natural and certified organic source of folic acid
  • Made from organic lemon extract
  • High quality and exact recommended dosage of 400mcg
  • helps with the healthy development of baby in the very early stages of pregnancy
  • No chemicals or pesticides
  • Only two ingredients that have been certified to gold level by the Soil Association


  • Potentially cost, however I feel that it is great value for this superior highly recommended supplement.



Final Thoughts

I highly recommend these organic folic acid supplements by Viridian. They are a far superior version of what I took when I was pregnant and I wish I had known about them back then. I would have had the peace of mind that not only was I am giving my body, but also my newly growing baby, the right amount of folic acid each day. Also, that I was not putting unnecessary chemicals, pesticides, bulking agents or unnatural ingredients into my body.

The Health Authority in the Uk recommend if you are planning a pregnancy or if you are pregnant you should be taking a folic acid supplement. I would highly recommend that you make that supplement Viridian organic folic acid.

>>Where to buy Viridian organic folic acid <<

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. Are you planning a pregnancy? Have you just found out you are pregnant? Have you taken these organic folic acid supplements? would you recommend them to others? Please feel free to leave any other comment that will be of use to our future readers.

2 thoughts on “Review of Viridian Organic Folic Acid

  • Wonderful website, Sara! You clearly spend a great deal of time and love in writing to help show the way to make things easier for other mothers.

    When I read this post I thought you would want to check out and maybe write about the difference between natural folate versus the synthetic version (folic acid) found in vitamins and also added to many, many foods, especially anything with flour (unfortunately – read on!)

    When considering sources of folate for health as well as for the health of your future baby(ies), mothers and mothers-to-be should learn about the dangers of the synthetic version (folic acid) of folate. Folic acid remains circulating in the blood, and is linked with cancers. Folic acid (synthetic version of folate) does not function as natural folate does. Healthy levels of folate are easily consumed by eating leafy greens, beans and other veg. As shown in numerous studies over the past several decades, folic acid is linked to cancers, including breast cancer, as well as to dangers for the child whose mother takes folic acid while pregnant.

    • Thank you so much for visiting my site, I will add this research to our next phase of articles and will gladly write another article on the difference between natural folate versus the synthetic version. Thank you for the resources you also suggested, I will add them into my list of research on the subject. Here at Natural Organic for baby we do of course always recommend getting the vitamins from the natural sources of organic food, if possible. Check out our article What Vitamins to take in pregnancy to see the food we recommend to eat for each vitamin.

      Once again thank you for your positive comments and I hope you will come back to read our further articles.

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